Lamborghini Murcielago

Lamborghini Murcielago
urggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg *homer drools*
So yeah.. on a roll tonight!!!
BLOG #2 – completely unreleated to BLOG #1
I barely watch any television these days.  Scope of my TV stimulation starts with Home & Away (if I get home at night in time to watch it) flit flats with Top Gear (I prefer the british scoop, but they recently did an Australian Spin Off which has some advantages such as letting you know the price of cars you couldnt possibly afford in Australian $$ to save you having to worry about it.. ) and 100% Commits to Greys Anatomy (either through catching the latest on the television OR watching re runs through purchased seasons)
 I often backround the SBS channel which is full of documentaries, often in languages I can’t understand. Sometimes if I’m not too busy focusing on the last resource evaluation of my project or trying to manage the fine art of data integrity, I get lucky and allow myself to be distracted.
Tonight was one of those nights.
This is why:
DANG .. DONT YOU JUST WANT ONE!?! *falls flat on her back and stares at the ceiling in a dreamy catatonic state* It’s just soooooo… DREAMY… DEVINE… IMagine riding that!! Even if you couldnt park next to any cars or street poles cause its too wide – who cares, if you had a spare $800K to buy one, you could buy your own double sized car park to go with it!
There are few cars that will stop streets like a Murcielago and the LP640 even more so. Supercars like this are now getting few and far between, so we should rejoice in the insanity while we have access to it.
Stand by for further info from TOP GEAR – they even rated it…


Even though the seating position and general ergonomics of the LP640 have come a long, long way from the ‘long arms, short legs’ Lambos of old, the Murcie remains a big, noisy, tiring supercar. But we wouldn’t have it any other way.

9 out of 20


In a word: shattering. Four-wheel drive and 471kW, combined with a torque figure of 660Nm mean that you can launch the big Murcielago to 100km/h in just 3.4 seconds, all day, every day. You’re looking at 340km/h and the ability to crest the national speed limit in first gear, so the other gears are really only there to determine how long you are held as a guest of your state’s correctional centres.


It may be a bit shouty, but you gotta love a Murcie. Things this outrageous have a little bubble of cool all to themselves.

18 out of 20


Audi ownership, as with the Gallardo, has met resistance from enthusiasts who think that ‘character’ involves having things that don’t work. The Murcielago no longer suffers from annoying niggles like setting fire to itself or failing to start. We think that’s possibly a good thing.

13 out of 20


The Murcie is big, but manages to shrink the faster you drive it. It never quite manages the deft flick-flack of the Gallardo, but any third gear, full power corner will show you why the four-wheel drive is both necessary and still fun. Whoever said that they can stick with a Lambo in a hot hatch is lying.

16 out of 20


Reverse parking is possible, but not advisable. Similarly there is enough space to store a weekend’s worth of dirty laundry, but you’d probably be better off sending them on. Scissor doors become necessary when you consider just how wide the Murcielago really is – if you parked next to other cars with normal doors, you’d never get out. Solution is to never park next to other cars.

8 out of 20

Running costs

Do you really have to ask? needs to refuel at an oil tanker and servicing is paid in uncut diamonds.


6 responses to “Lamborghini Murcielago

  1. If I had that kinda money, I’d have to have one of these and a classic Rolls Royce Silver Cloud… 🙂 Thanks for your visit to my site and the kind comment. Will be back to visit now I know where you are !

    • Love Love Loved this automobile… A piece of mechanical Luxury.. lol

      I’ll have to take a closer look at that Rolls Royce Silver Cloud!

      Thanks also for dropping in and saying G’day 🙂

      Miss Lou

  2. I\’m doin okay.. BUT NOT a million dollars for a car okay! Thats a little ridiculous – FOR A CAR….I just finished paying off my brand new Yaris sedan *proud grin* (less than 18 months) – on a loan that WAS 25.4% interest! A car that should have cost me $23K straight up ended up costing me close to $29K..I SHOULD have brought it STRAIGHT out.. but I had some credit rating healing to do… buggah!

  3. I\’m a shit reverse parker as it is…. I wouldnt buy this car, simply because it would be too fat to park.. lolThen ofcourse there is the small matter of that itty bitty price tag. I\’m known to be a lil extravagant, but I\’m not sure I could justify this one..

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