Amazon Anonymous? Anyone…

This blog really has nothing to do with Amazon. I’m also not starting a 12 step program. Apologies to those who came over here in search of help for ‘Super Saver Shipping’ addictions.  

Reading Allisons  Super Saver Shipping Sends Book Junkie to Rehab bloggie, left me considering my shopping spree on eBay last night.  

Five (5) Meters of fine stretch magic, Nine (9) mls of GS Hypo cement and then the purchase of 25 White Organza Wedding favour bags when I’m practically a spinster, made me wonder.
I’m even paying inflated Postage and Handling costs in most cases, no matter what I buy.

Positive feedback  from complete strangers who sell glue appears to be my addiction.

I’m thinking I want to trade. How does one go about signing up for Amazon?

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