In the Sea…

Way back in April 2010, I found and lost Mr Buble in the Husband Department.

We never actually got married, infact, his agent never did respond to my phone, cell, email or written invitations for pre engagement – pre marriage – pre sex dates!

Ofcourse, the lack of response really isn’t suprising considering he was engaged to be married.

Following the age old principle that we all use to help ourselves recover in times of romantic challenge ‘life must go on, go catch another fish’, (cause theres so many of them in the sea) I turned my eyes to Shemar Moore.

Turns out hes probably Gay.

When we choose our partner, how do we do it?
Do our personal preferences sometimes lead us to failure in the romance department?

Once we realise we messed up, (like the times we walk away from almost every conversation feeling worse about ourselves) how long does it take us to correct our mistakes?
Do we hang on for dear life fearing the end, digging a deeper, more difficult hole to climb out of?


Do we let go, grieve and allow our experience to reshape our priorities and preferences in future ‘partner picking’?

That doesnt sound quite right. ‘Partner picking’, as if you are in a field, trolloping about taste testing the fruit off trees.

That’s absolutely not how I mean it to sound.

It’s a fine line, the Romance Department. Selection, Checkout, Returns, Warranty, the sometimes dreaded Consumer Feedback. There aren’t too many of us that get excited hearing about how we could be functioning more efficiently – especially for purposes we weren’t created for. (In my case cooking.)

It seems spending more time defining what it is we’re looking for, and then researching the product a little more before investing is probably a good way to go.

3 responses to “In the Sea…

  1. life is never about what you lost, it is about what you gained from it so yes it is a win win situation, <<hands you some Vosene or head and shoulders ( to save you scratching your head !i dont want your brilliant ideas trying to escape)

  2. I think that your comment is very Valid @ Arsey.
    I also believe that sometimes we insist on courses of action because we just REALLY want something – and this is despite the fact that maybe we are getting warning indicators saying ‘Stop’.
    – Hence pain = character development. YAY – Win Win situation!
    *scratches head* Right?!

  3. we play the cards dealt to us, regardless of if we are ready, looking,celibate,horrified,unwilling,or hopeless.
    the question is what influences how we play the cards….at times it should be a simple case of following instincts and spidey senses because they were given to you for a reason.

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