Nom Nom Nom Nom Noms…..

This is my favorite food.

Lou Lou's Favorite Food :)

What’s your favorite food?

6 responses to “Nom Nom Nom Nom Noms…..

  1. Well, fish boy, Do you suggest I try snacking on Black Ghost knife Fish out of the tanks in the local aquarium?

    Need I even ask?… Whats your favorite food?

  2. I ‘ave to admit that i’ve not tried such a weird combination before as fries/chips with ice cream!
    I would have said that it was a Preggers thing… Though, obviously thats not the case. To not be pregnant and still find the need or the want to eat this must mean somthing else for which i know i can not answer…
    Seek some professional help Lou or at least try these food groups sepreratley one after the other, untill such help is provided lol

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