Blessed by God…

I thought I was going to die today – for about one second. There were another 30 seconds I thought that if I didn’t die, I was, atleast going to be seriously injured.

Lacking the breaks to stop,  panic set in, and rather than scream at the driver who couldn’t do much, I could hear myself thinking;

‘I can’t die,  I am a single mother of 2 children who’s father is an alcoholic.’

Imagining my body crumpled, I frantically looked outside to find the best place the driver could crash. The best place, causing the least damage, resulting in less harm to us; the passengers.

The bus finally slowed. Down the road, around the corner and halfway up the next street from where we smashed the front end of a car to pieces.

I tried to comfort our bus driver who kept saying thankyou for the quiet words and gentle hand on his shoulder. His quick thinking saved our lives, I’m almost sure of it.

Missy and I prayed out loud for the driver in the other vehicle.

After we gave our statement to the police, we walked back around the road to see what appeared to be rescue trying to provide comfort and create more room for the somebody we didn’t know to be manouvered out of the vehicle.

The ambulance came. I think it took too long.

We left.

Life is short and God Blesses us abundantly.

9 responses to “Blessed by God…

  1. If we think too much about what can happen in an instant, we might never leave the house. You had a much better reaction to fear – to be thankful for what you have.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  2. This is quite a harrowing tale you recounted. I could almost feel the terror. No doubt you have a keener appreciation for each moment now. We could all stand to have that.

    • Oh, it was, my heart was beating so fast.

      I found myself very ponderish after the event, thinking about everything so much more. 6 days after the fact, I am once again lost in the business that is living life.

      Thankyou Al, for dropping by, reading and leaving a comment. 🙂

  3. Wow, that’s terrifying. Sounds like all involved were lucky (I hope). That poor bus driver – you were kind to comfort him. I hope the people in the other car were alright.

    • It was!! And.. Thankyou for your comment. I still don’t know about the people in the vehicle that drove out in front of the bus 😦 I’m not sure if it was one or 2 or a family.
      I might call the police and ask.

  4. Thanks for your comment Justin, it was kind of like being stuck in a really bad dream!
    and.. Thanks to God, who is ever present, and knows exactly what he is doing!

  5. That one second is enough to seem like a lifetime! I have not been in that situation, the closest is once I was going to jump on something but I changed my mind. I threw a rock onto it instead and it sank. In that moment my blood ran cold when I realised if I did what I originally intended to do, I may have seriously injured or killed myself.

    Thank God that it did not turn out worse than it did.

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