J is for…. ‘Jumbled’….

J is for…. ‘Jumbled’…. 

I got to J, and all I could think about was boobs.

I was thinking about how I could write a blog about boobs, when clearly the word ‘Boobs’ does not begin with the letter J.

I decided I couldn’t and so went to google and typed in the letter ‘J’.

I do not listen to, view or download Justin Bieber Music in any form, so I dont know why it was the first thing that popped up on the list.

Really. No idea.

On a superficial level, I did appreciate the way Chris Brown looked in this clip, and his love interests beautiful long hair almost had me crying at the 1:01 mark, when I thought about how I chopped all mine off 5 weeks ago.

Considering none of this fits anywhere, J is for ‘Jumbled’

If anyone has any ideas about how J relates to the word ‘Boobs’ feel free to comment.

Actually, no, that might not be such a good idea.

*Rubs forehead with fingers*

Oh Goodness.

8 Responses  “J is for…. ‘Jumbled’….” →
  1. Jumbo Boobs or Jugs is said instead of Boobs. …Wait you said that wouldnt be a good idea ummmmm Jumbled is maybe your state of mind during writing this blog.

    • Yes Pebbles, thats exactly what I said.. lol

      And yes, I concur re state of mind while writing the blog… I’m putting it down to spending too much time in yahoo chat forums.

  2. see the connection i can make is well your picture makes me think of running and the j word is currently present on your status ! oh and that lass at 1:01 may have longer hair however you are much more beautiful :X ( she does not even count as pretty in my book in comparison!)

    • I think that makes sense, sort of kind of. That woman is absolutely gorgeous BTW, and that is a lovely thing to say, although I don’t agree.

      I was just commenting on her beautiful long hair, and the way it made me think about how I chopped my own beautiful long hair off.

      I look like a coconut tree now. lol

  3. I was just checking the thesaurus to find a word that begins with the letter ‘J’ for a response, there was none. So I’ll just use the word that came to mind…


    • What a wonderful word @ Mr. TMI… lol

      I was thinking the same thing when I read about your hungry BUM!

  4. Touché Miss Lou Lou! :)

  5. *snorks* lol

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