J is for…. Justin….

J is for…. Justin….

Well, here adds another dimension to the term ‘Jumbled’.

I have no idea how I did not think of Justin for the letter J.

I thank God for Justin every single day.

I met Justin early one morning in January of 2008. I decided to catch the bus as a sort of social experiment.

The first 3 months of 2008 were memorable. Romantically, I was trying to re define a relationship with a man I wanted to be my husband, I cut my hair, dyed it black, found myself crying in the pillars at my local Baptist Church and was looking to connect with people so I didn’t completely isolate myself during a painful time of emotional growth.

I remember, climbing up on the bus with Kotah by my side and Cammy huddled in my arms. The closest seats available were the ones facing Justin. Justin is legally Blind (although has a degree of sight) and he has a beautiful 4 legged canine female companion called Flame. Flame, Justin’s Guide Dog, had Kotah screaming for exodus from the bus. Cammy on the other hand just wanted to put his fingers in flames ears and feel her tongue on his face!!

I’m not sure how it all happened exactly, but knowing my habit of trying to engage just about every one I meet in conversations about their lives, and all the stuff that means anything to them… it’s really not suprising we accumulated hours of chatter time during our journeys.

A few months later saw me at the helm of a Tandem Bike…

… and us down a few ditches, through the fence of the local pet park and almost in the centre of Marlows Lagoon! (YES!! That is a body of water)

Not long after that, I recieved a call from Justin in the early hours of the morning. He asked if he could come to church with us.

Justin still comes to our church,  and the man I met on the bus is today my best friend, Joost… (Rhymes with Roast, Toast, Boast and Coast and I NEVER call him that.. lol)

So, J is for… Justin, and the Joy I experience everyday when I see him :)

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    a very beautiful post as always, high 5 Mr Justin and give him a big thank you for me please for the simple reason that he makes you smile


    • Yup, Justin is most certainly an awesome critter, and yes, he also makes me smile – alot.

      Also, thankyou Anthony, for reading :)

  2. Aww shucks Lou… :-$

    I was listening to to a podcast at the time and heard you talking. I pulled out my earphones and you were telling me that you were trying to get Cameron to try and stop touching Flame. I said it’s fine as most children don’t really get not to touch Guide Dogs until they’re 6.

    Those were good times on the buses and then IMs, phone calls, tandem bikes, discovering the how to change the gears after we walked it up University Avenue to Macca’s. Then dinner with friends, chicken skewer butt harpoonings, nightmares, church, God, hot chips in ice cream, love, tears, the bible, the year of scarcity, dog poos, TMI, sharing and caring (sharing is caring), ozones, growth, bloggies, hungry bums, I can go on and on and on…. :)

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