U is for… ‘Uuggha’….

U is for… ‘Uuggha’….

Since Christmas Day Eve, and my subsequent bout of sickness that lasted for around 48 hours (and saw me throwing up completely undigested chunks of ham for that same period of time), I’ve had some trouble sleeping.

Not sleeping at night, though not really sleeping during the day.

Just not sleeping.

I thought that perhaps it might be a lasting effect of the sickness, but I’m pretty sure it has been and gone now.

The last week I have been out of bed in the early hours of the morning running on the treadmill. That does make me tired, BUT then I HAVE to shower and bathe cause I’m sweaty and that wakes me back up.

*bangs my head on my desk*

Last night saw me up @ 2:30am running 5kms:

(GREAT TIME BTW, *braggin*)

Fullscreen capture 7012013 25338 PM.bmp

I was still up @ 8am this morning.

I posted a Facebook status expressing my frustration.

There have been a range of encouraging statements in response to my whine,

But a special thank you to Justin, my bestie, who suggested this:

I doubt it will help, but OH GOODNESS, I love Mr. Bean and it sure was funny!

13 responses to “U is for… ‘Uuggha’….

  1. Sorry to hear about the sleep, though I’m sure, well I’m hoping that you’re sleeping now considering how old this post is 😉

    Great time on the 5K! Maybe that should be our first challenge. Fastest 5K, or something like that. Then maybe after that, maybe the most 5Ks in a month, or some such crazy nonsense.

  2. Video unavailable in the states.
    Write out a plan for the day tomorrow including eight hours of sleep when you normally should be doing that. No radio or TV in the bedroom. If you wake early make yourself lay in the bed, eyes closed, until its the proper time to get up even if your just laying there. Don’t allow yourself to dwell on any anxiety however mild that concerns you, instead consider a fantasy that is relaxing for you. For me I imagine my lover in my arms holding her, protecting her as she gently falls asleep. Could be a slow, aimless walk in a feild of wild flowers or perhaps laying on a float alone a a warm evening in a beautiful pool in an exoctic location. Get up at your pre detemined time only and start the day with your exercise regiment followed by a shower and a healthty breakfast, very important that you eat right throughout the day. Being the advocate that you are, a very admirable trait, set a time early in the evening that you shut down those thoughts and actions and focus on relaxing before bedtime. Watch a comedy or love story on television, something light hearted, not overly serious. Also I enjoy reading if the television isnt appealing, again something fiction with a touch of romance. Ocassionally I have light classical music playing softly on the radio at the same time. Bedtime arrives and I repeat the cycle. This is what works for me.

    • Hi Patrick, thanks so much for your helpful words. It appears after almost 3 years, you know me well enough to suggest I work diligently to rest my brain from working everything out.

      I’ve taken to an album of BB KINGS from 79, and reading some Gary Chapman work.

      I appreciate you taking the time to read and leave your thoughts.

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