V is for… ‘Vulnerable’…

V is for… ‘Vulnerable’…

Im going crazy and I think my thoughts are trying to murder me Im fine

‘Miss P, that sounded fine.’

‘Miss P, you probably didn’t hurt that critters feelings.’

‘Miss P, it sounded fine…’

‘Miss P, you accounted for that already’

‘Miss P, you lost your temper in a very polite manner. No one is going to need Kleenex.’

‘Honestly, Miss P, it sounded fine…’

‘Miss P, no, it’s NOT your feet’

Miss P, *groans*





My mind working out how to act around someone I’m romantically interested in.

4 responses to “V is for… ‘Vulnerable’…

    • I’m not a teacher – although I have studied for a few years in early childhood education.

      I am a mum first and then I’m a consultant – I work in many areas, though mostly development and delivery of training packages – so sort of a teacher… lol

      I don’t usually go off on people (though do have my moments) – I wrote this after a conversation I had with someone I was romantically interested in. I was trying to work out what to do in my head, and deliberately stated what I was thinking and then felt like an idiot. lol

      I left and then over thought the entire situation.

      On reflection, this was one prayer that I am grateful went unanswered..


      • oh okay I see! well you just looked professional in your pictures and okay okay that makes sense too. I can see that conversation going on in someone’s head and at least you were being straight out? That has to count for something

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