W is for…. ‘Waiting’…

W…. is for ‘Waiting’…

Until yesterday, I thought the 17th of January was my big date with the MRI critters.

Turns out, it was today!


LOL @ the MRI taking dude knowing the brands of bra that have under wires.

LOL (x2) at the dude even knowing about under wires.

LOL (x3) @ the dude telling me to go take my clothes off, including said bra, with under wires.

W is for… ‘Waiting’… for results.

2 responses to “W is for…. ‘Waiting’…

    • Hi Michelle, either way, everything is going to work out exactly as it should! *huggles* thanks for dropping by, and I hope you are doing wonderfully as well, wherever life finds you at this point in time.

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