God has something better that what you left behind

Introducing gentle reminder.

One does not need Grey’s Anatomy episodes to cry.

On a bad day, pathetic tears, betraying ones confidence can come with a harsh word from a person you care about.

Choose your people more wisely, Louella. Silly, Silly girl.


18 responses to “Disappointment

  1. This made my day 100% better. New to blogging, I’m starting to get inspiration from every one of you especially Miss Lou. Your blog is silly with meaning. Gotta love that. I will definitely be following you. ❤

    • Thank you for dropping by and for your kind words! This particular blog was a shocking moment for me. It is not very often I make myself vulnerable so it was a disappointing encounter. I KNOW I cannot resist deep emotional connections ALL the time for fear of getting hurt, but I was careful!

      At least I thought I was. There were some issues with our communication, for whatever reasons and it began to skew my personal view of his level of integrity. Do what you say, Say what you mean. In saying that, to be fair, we all struggle with things and some things are much easier to face for others, than they are for me and VV.


  2. True – choose our people wisely, and choose our responses carefully, because there are times when forgiveness is the hardest thing we can do.

    • Yes – choosing our responses carefully. I still remember this very clearly. On reflection the person who had been harsh had been experiencing several things themselves within their peer group, and was no doubt affected adversely.

      Forgiveness was provided quite quickly, I generally cry if I am feeling hurt and then recover quickly. I also recognised on reflection, I was more sensitive to the behaviour of this person as well. I ponder about the event and feel comfort that I spoke to them about their behaviour at the time, and that matter, at least was resolved.

      Certainly a lesson learnt about choosing our people more wisely too, as well as understanding people as they come, without being too disappointed when they behave in a way that I find disappointing. I’m usually good with this, but struggle when I expect more.

  3. On a bad day when someone you care about uses a harsh word, please remember that there are many that care about you. May who are willing to over flow the harsh word with oceans of kind words, because some people can not stand the thought of you being upset or crying miss lou lou, you are so special to many. x

      • Hey I thought we were the only ones who said huggles! We also say pussles (puss is kiss in Swedish). Excuse me while I run and huggle someone….

      • YES!! I love huggles! They are my favorite thing in the word.. well, after my family and Anne of Green Gables.. and and…. French Fries dipped in a Chocolate Sundae!!

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