A little bit ‘Toey’!

A little Bit ‘Toey’

I have exceptionally long toes. The 1st  and (Thanks Ernie) 2nd and 3rd are longer than the first.

Batfink, Big Foot (Size 12US or 11.5AUS) Sasquatch and ‘ET fingers 4 toes’ are common terms of admiration kicked about when it comes to my feetuses.

*charming blank stare*

I harbor no personal distress over this, as my feet really are beautiful.

Well cared for, manicured, loofered & exfoliated on a regular basis, even my freckle looks appealing. They are also long, slender & have high arches. Vain much?

It’s a blessing how helpful people provide me with theories about why my 2nd & 3rd toe race ahead of my 1st. Like a duo of greyhounds jumping the start gun at a race.

Like a duo of greyhounds jumping the start gun at a race.

Yesterday I heard I could be thankful to my Celtic and/or Greek ancestry. (I’m not sure I’ve got any, as I don’t know much about that)

Prior to that, I’d also heard;

I’m a royal descendant,

My mother ate too many Brussel Sprouts while I was in the womb,

and my personal favorite – having a 2nd and 3rd toe longer than my first does in fact make me exceptionally more intelligent than 87.3% of the worlds population.

Lou's Feets Three

My visit to the Day Spa…

Lou Lou's Feets Two

Legs in the air trying to get a good angle that wont show I haven’t shaved my legs in about 10 days

Lou Lou's Feets 1

Not trying to hide the fact I haven’t shaved my legs in more than 10 days

Lou walace and gromit slippers 3

Letting the world know I love Wallace and Gromit


Thanks Patrick, for being the only person that year who actually got me something I wanted for my birthday – these slippers. (He shipped them from the UK)

72 responses to “A little bit ‘Toey’!

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  12. Mrs Pugh has freakishly long toes (I don’t know how or why – it’s like she borrowed them off some much bigger woman) – I personally would much rather I had wheels instead of feet, like the flying monkeys in Return To Oz though!

    • lol – us women with longer toes are amazing!! So you are #Blessed Mrs Pugh has the toes she does, it means you made an awesome choice for a wife!

      Those #Monkeys were scary! lol


      • She IS amazing – awwww! I am certain that she’s my favourite person ever, which is quite the accolade really, as it puts billions of others into runners-up slots.
        Wheel Feetsies do come with the requirement to wear crash helmets at all times, sadly, so may be of less use in the shower than actual feet, it’s true.

      • lol.. I concur… the advantage of your wife being your favorite person is that you married her and it really is quite amazing at how very difficult it can be to marry our bestest friends and favorite people…


  13. It’s the first one that is short, the other four are aligned 🙂
    Mine are exactly the same. In Serbia we have a saying, that if your first toe is shorter than the rest you’ll be the one making decisions in a marriage/relationship 🙂

    • That’s an interesting idea! It certainly fits in beautifully with my plans for marriage… Lol not really, I think I’d like the man to be the spiritual leader of the family! That is the first time I’ve heard of that theory! Thanks for sharing!

    • *gasps* Long first and second toes… Ones even longer than your first toe… Like mine? YAY!!

      I’m not alone! Thanks for the visit and the comment.

      • Lol.. well I think it is wonderful… You should see some of the meanings that people have provided.. Altogether we are pretty wonderful.. and everyone knows it, because of our toes! lol

  14. Ha…Your feet do tell a story. It sounds rather weird but they tell me there is something truthful about you. Some kind of true humbleness of sorts, you can be loving and caring, You can be sympathetic, and whimsical, elegant and also very impatient.

    But even if your fads become sometimes too evident, your sense of beauty and right perspective, balance it all 😉

    • WOW, those are some pretty tall deductions!! I’m going to try really hard not to feel pressured to act accordingly now.. lol

      Thank you for your kind words

  15. Not sure what you’re concerned about. My feet are truly a pair of heinous crimes against nature. I’d include a photo, but the injunction says I can’t…

    • Bwahahahahaha!! No concerns here, I genuinely do love my own feet, they are one of my favorite parts of my own body. I think people calling me Sasquatch and BigFoot is really them flattering me with affectionate terms of endearment *snorks*

      I’ve seen some feral feet and toes in my day. Bunyips and skyscraper callouses all over them *shudders*

      (Bunyips because bunions just does not sound ‘alive’ enough to describe whatever it was these critters had growing on their tootsies)

      Thanks for dropping by!

  16. You where right, you have beautiful feet, I’m still not keen on licking them though 😉

    • lol @ you, Scarlet, just as well as I’m not interested in having them licked! One might get a long toe induced black eye if they get anywhere near my toes! *ticklish*

  17. Wow, someone who actually has longer toes than me! Yes, you have very elegant feet, none of this sasquatch business! I must post my exciting discovery of being able to wear orthotics in my sandals by velcro-ing them in, har! Lets celebrate long toes! 😉

  18. Excuse me missy, what leg hair? Even magnified I see nothing! I zoomed and zoomed and saw pixels. Hahaha!

    I love pedicures though!!! I think my feet could do with some loving!

    • LOL, you were zooming for my leg hairs? *giggling* they are there, just really .. light… I remember laying on my bed with my legs in the air, trying to get the camera angle just right so it wouldn’t make my legs look hairier than a spiders, OR my ankles look like cankles, not that I have ever been accused of having cankles….. lol
      I too am a fan of pedicures…

  19. I love your sense of humor about your feet – if we can laugh and appreciate our uniqueness then we’re leaps ahead of the doldrums and the naysayers. You go, girl.

  20. well i think u have very pretty feet ppl like us should stick together with our alien feet lol

    • They totally are pretty feet!! *watches Ernie look down at his own long, over arching, ‘ET finger’ second toe*
      I knew I wasn’t the only one brave enough to admit it! *snorks*

      • Well, I do have a bigger second toe just never noticed till now. Thank you for bringing me to the dark side! lol

    • No, Pebbles… I don’t actually like for anyone else to touch my feet unless it is someone scrubbin the dead skin cells off the bottom and I pay them ridiculous amounts of money for it! lol

      P.s: No I am not paying you for it.. (JUST in case you were thinkin…)

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