Leading the Littlies!

Leading the Littlies

I found myself coaching my sons football team today, when everyone turned up except the coach! He somehow got stuck on a plane and ended up about 1000kms away.

I was making everything ‘sound’ spectacular, keeping in mind I had no clue what I was doing. I figured as long as they were running around, screaming out each others names, throwing and kicking the ball, we’d all get to the end and feel like we had done something.

*blank stares*Football Stadium

On the upside, my kids think I’m incredibly awesome right now, AND parents will be grateful their own children will sleep well tonight – from exhaustion!

On the upside, my kids think I’m incredibly awesome right now

Tomorrow night  @ 6pm is Round 5; Power VS  Tigers – at the biggest Football stadium we have in town.

I’ve heard the coach probably wont be back in time.

This is going to be interesting.


Wish us luck!


12 responses to “Leading the Littlies!

  1. Good for you – I’m sure your kids loved and it will be one of their fond, childhood memories.

  2. Most parents wouldn’t dream of stepping up like that. Your kids will have those memories somewhere in the back of their mind forever and will likely follow your lead some day. It’s a big, wonderful thing to have shown them. 🙂

    • Thanks Maesha 🙂 There wasn’t really much of an option. Another parent took over tonight. A Guy Parent. A parent who actually watched football and knows the rules.. I don’t even know who won the stadium game, but they all had a really good time!

    • *snorks n giggles* All I need now is a Cape with a SC on the back!

      That will help create some extra padding to protect me when I trip over my own feetus’s

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