Introducing my future husband…

Introducing My Future Husband


Well, finally I’ve chosen the one.
I know it has taken a while, but as you all know.. this marriage stuff and the ‘right one’ is a serious business….
December 1st is to be the Big day of martimonial commitment if all goes according to my plan.. (and maybe his plan once I let him know about it)
That way I can have sex again before my 32nd Birthday… and hopefully he’ll be as witty as he is in his concerts.. I think I’d like to fall asleep smiling…
As soon as I can contact his agent, to contact him, we’ll have our first date and it’ll be on.
Ten dates later, we’ll be engaged.
Michael Buble’ Oh I love you!!

109 responses to “Introducing my future husband…

  1. Lucky you, only one future husband. I think I have tallied up the number of my fantasy husbands to about 10. But my society doesn’t have a problem with polygamy so eh, what the heck!

  2. Lucky you, only one future husband. I think I’ve tallied up the number of fantasy husbands to about 10. But my society doesn’t seem to have a problem with polygamy, so eh what the heck!

    Thank for the follow lovely Miss Lou!

  3. Hands. Off. My. Man.
    I don’t take kindly to women who wreck homes that haven’t even been built. You cruel cruel woman. I can’t say I blame you, it’s the eyes…. that sexy intense gaze…..

  4. Hiya, thanks for following my blog! I got excited when I saw the title of this post, thinking you were actually planning a wedding!
    It’s a shame it didn’t work out with Mr Buble. Have you found a worthy replacement yet? If you do, I hope you’ll be going unpackaged with your wedding 🙂

    • lol… *dreamy sighs* alas, he is married now.. *bugger*

      You should check out the pictures of Shemar Moore, in my bacl to the sea post.. lol

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  6. Thanks for stopping by, I just spent some time with comments, have you found the luck man yet?

    • Thanks so much abby 🙂 I saw your post regarding the games that are not suitable for anxious children and tabbed your blog straight away!

      I don’t personally have anxious children, though I have worked in and directed child care centres that do and am always on the look out for handy information that can provide support and input into BMP (Behaviour Management Plans)

      You just never know what the triggers can be at times, and any information that can help is a blessing 🙂

      I’ll be over to spend some more time looking about soon 🙂

      Thanks for the follow and the comment,

      Miss Lou

    • Lol, thanks for dropping by! You should check out shemar moor in my under the sea post… Lol he is my next crush after bible got himself married! Lol

  7. Thank you for visiting my blog today. I appreciate the time you took to stop by. May your day be filled with joy and peace.

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to do that same for me! You have taken some beautiful photographs, and presented the in a very professional way! so THANK YOU for sharing 🙂 Your blog was a lovely little find!

      Miss Lou

  8. He is rather lovely. I’ve dated a couple of musicians but ended up with a doctor. You never know 🙂
    And thanks for the follow 🙂 I’ll come back and look around later….

    • Well, it was.. however he is married now, so not an option!.. lol

      Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving a comment 🙂 Miss Lou

  9. Lou!! As someone who has a personal collection of aproximately 826 Imaginary Boyfriends, can I tell you how much I loved this post? AND you picked a Canadian for a future husband, too – well done!

    • Really? He’s a Canadian? I had no idea. One might think I research potential husbands a bit better eh.. lol

      He is now married unfortunately, and if you see my post ‘In the Sea’ I have replaced him with Shemar Moore, (Whom I heard is possibly gay) lol I am NOT having a good run!

      I’m heading over to your bloggy now to see if you have posted about these 826 imaginary boyfriends.

      Thanks for the visit and the comment 🙂

      Miss Lou

      • Mais oui, he is indeed. And his wife is avec le bebe. (that was my attempt at speaking french to fulfill my Canadian stereotype. The key word in that sentence was “attempt” LOL.

        Oh goodness, Shemar is BEAUTIFUL. Criminal Minds scares the heck out of me, but I suffer through it just for the pleasure of seeing him in sunglasses *fans self*

        Yay!! I’m glad you’re heading over for a visit – I feel as though you and I are going to get along famously 🙂

      • *beaming smiles*, we both have wonderful taste in men it seems! I get double pleasure from watching Criminal minds – I love the stories and perving on Shemar!

        As do I!

  10. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for the follow. I love your blog. Your words are exquisite. If I had the time, I ready every one of your post but as is the case I don’t have the time today. So that means what I’ve read thus far interest me, therefore, I will be back for sure. 🙂

    Happy writing!

    • No problem! Thanks so much for dropping by and for the comment 🙂 Much appreciated! I loved your latest post on self development and your experiences within the industry 🙂 Great Read.

      Miss Lou

    • You are most welcome, and thanks so much to you for popping over and saying G’day 🙂 Much appreciated!

      LOL @ your ‘almost’ desire to switch. Mr Buble is most certainly a keeper. Saying that he is already married *pouty face* BUT… if you read my ‘In the sea’ post, you will see how easily I was able to move on.. lol

      Thanks again.. Miss Lou

  11. Thanks for the follow. I used to feel this way about David Essex and especially Hugh Grant. Tee Hee. Good luck!

    • Hi Stephanie, thanks so much for the follow also, and the comment.. 🙂 I use to also love Hugh Grant.. Thank goodness he is getting on a bit and so the superficial strings of love and slack! *giggling*…

      Thanks again 🙂 Miss Lou

  12. Well hello Louella I wish you the very best with Michael and I shall be looking out for my invitation!! 🙂 BTW. Thank you for following my blog , you are always welcome to drop in!!

    • *chuckles* right Ankur, Most of the time the comments section actually turns out a whole lot better!.. LOL

      Thanks so much for visiting and the for the comment 🙂
      Much appreciated!

  13. How have I NOT commented on this??? Yeesh. Although I think Mr. Buble is cute… you and I will not have to fight over him. *Phew*! And though I’m not a huge country music fan, I would have to say, that the man for me is Tim McGraw. *fans face* oh oh oh oh Oooooo the things we would do together!

    • Yanno… we might be able to fight over Tim Mcgraw! lol Is he married? I discovered Mr Buble was, so I had to let him go and I moved onto ….. (see my next re released blog)

      I hated country music as a youngin, especially charlie pride who my mother used to play back to back in one of those reverse tape players whenever we went on long drives.

      Now, I really love country music (mostly new stuff) but I do have a soft spot for Charlie Pride and Foster and Allen – good memories. My mother passed away when back in 1995 August. I was 17. whenever I hear the tunes, they remind me of her, and help me feel.. connected.

      • So yes, he is married… but I’m sure if we sent him pictures of ourselves he would be more than tempted to leave FAITH HILL… what a bummer. …NEXT!

      • Yeah… and they have a bunch of kiddies too! …hmmm… someone gritty and kind…. checking into available hockey players…

      • It’s funny how that works with our parents past and even present eh? That’s such a lovely memory of your mom. I love that. My mom and dad liked listening to Johhny Cash and Wilf Carter and Hank Snow… but I’m not much of a fan. No nostalgia in that regard for me 🙂

      • Hmmmm I dunno just pictured you posting some unknown Author or Idealist… that just so happened to be cute as well. Definitely not someone well known lol. I didn’t actually expect you to ask lol…

      • LOL! Cuteness is a bonus. Buble is not someone I would ordinarily be physically attracted to. My genuine attractions develop over time and are related directly to mental/emotional connections. I’ll hunt out an unknown idealist to stalk for next time eh?

  14. Thanks for the follow..
    And I have Man Love for your future Husband 🙂
    Did this for my Daughter today

  15. Hah!

    I came over to your blog after your reply to my comment and The first thing I see is a huge photo of Buble. Now that’s what I call a nice touch!

    • Hi Muse, thanks so much for your comment!! YES… the picture(s) *giggling* He is a rather handsome critter!!

      This is a re post, I originally wrote it about 2 years ago (I’m 34 and 1/2 now)

      • Hahhaha I guess he is rather cute. I used to live in Vancouver and I knew a gal who run into him at a pub and actually got to have a conversation.

  16. I rekcon he’s pretty hot but two blondes look weird, so I won’t stand in your way, go get him 😀

    • LOL @ you, Scarlet!!.. You are too kind!! He is actually married now, so he is no longer a consideration for marriage! Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving a comment. Much appreciated.

      • I’ve never been married, but as an escort I’m more than likely one of the worst adulterers you could imagine, one more won’t hurt 😉 Just don’t get caught is my advice. Yw

      • I’ve read through a few of your blogs and haven’t quite found a spot I where I can comment yet. I’m sure I’ll be brave soon, and work out where and what to say.. *slaps my own forehead*

        I’m quite possibly your polar opposite in terms of our sexual history. I’ve had sex with 3 men and loved each one of them greatly. (Not at the same time)… lol Each one changed my life in amazing ways.

        In terms of being an adulteress – that’s not an option for me. I spend mass amounts of time developing an emotional connection with someone before I even think about realistically having sex with them.

        Also, I don’t share.. I’m much too greedy. LOL 😀 Feeling special and all that stuff yanno!

      • Wow, I’m touched, thanks for reading, its right at the very bottom of the comments, I might have to change my blog template.

        I’d hardly expect anyone in their right mind to have a similar body count 🙂 But interestingly enough I have loved 3 men, I’ve had many more bfs but those I did love truly, and they did much the same for me.

        I don’t like sharing either, unfortunately for possible partners they don’t have the choice, so I don’t get too many long term partners as you would imagine.

      • I’m Sorry!! I KNOW where to physically leave the comment – so no need to change the blog theme – It’s good actually. Easy to navigate, so please don’t change it! lol

        I meant, me as in working out what to say and how to say it and what places I should comment… It really shouldn’t be so difficult, though I find your blogs thoughtful, and honest and especially confronting! I think I just wrote you a comment.. LOL… I’ll make it a personal challenge to come over and put them where they belong over my weekend I think!

        And yes.. I totally get what you mean re long term partners!

        Thanks again!

      • Ok, I see, of course I’d be happy to get comments but I know a lot of what I write is hard going, but please don’t feel intimidated. I’ve blogged for about 6 months at and I’ve had several very intense run ins, but I’ve stopped engaging weirdos. Most of my friends there are very gentle people, sometimes the comment otherwise they don’t. I’m happy enough to be read. Sometimes they PM or email me if they have questions. I was going to set up a contact email for my blogs to make it easier.
        Thanks to you too.

  17. My new post, about generalizing, is directed at that stupid ass “milk” blogger. NOT, you. I sent you an email as well. Just didn’t want… online confusion. I value your comments, obviously.


    • Lol, I can see this is going to be interesting. I do not however have time to read it at this stage *racing out the door*… I’m sure you will know once I’ve seen it… lol

    • Also, can you comment about MY blogs in my BLOG *snorks* We do enough commenting about your blogs on YOUR blogs 😛 Mr Buble is a very exciting subject, I cannot imagine why you wouldn’t want to say all sorts of lovely things.

  18. Shes an actress…Deb Chen on ER….was in the short lived stargate universe series….going to be in the new Marvel Aventures Agents of Shield series…..and most importantly SHE FOLLOWED ME ON TWITTER….beaming smiles!

    • OHHHH I remember now!! Awesomeness @ being followed on Twitter. I can’t even work out how to set up a personal account correctly *rollin my eyes while slapping my own forehead*

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