In the sea…

In The Sea

Way back in April 2010, I found and lost Mr Buble in the Husband Department.

We never actually got married. In fact, his agent never did respond to my phone, cell, email or written invitations for PRE-engagement – PRE-marriage – PRE-sex dates!

Of course, the lack of response really isn’t surprising considering he was engaged to be married.

Following the age old principle that we all use to help ourselves recover in times of romantic challenge;

‘life must go on & go catch another fish’, (cause there’s so many of them in the sea)

I turned my eyes to Shemar Moore.

Shemar Collage no writing

Turns out he’s possibly Gay? [I don’t believe it for an instant Shemar, in case you ever actually read this]

When we choose our partner, how do we do it?

Do our personal preferences sometimes lead us to failure in the romance department?

Once we realise we messed up, (like the times we walk away from almost every conversation feeling worse about ourselves) how long does it take us to correct our mistakes?

Do we hang on for dear life fearing the end, digging a deeper, more difficult hole to climb out of?


Do we let go, grieve and allow our experience to reshape our priorities and preferences in the future?

It’s a fine line, the Romance Department.

Selection, Checkout, Returns, Warranty, the sometimes dreaded Consumer Feedback.

There aren’t many of us that get excited hearing about how we could be functioning more efficiently – especially for purposes we weren’t created for. (In my case, cooking.)

It seems spending more time defining what it is we’re looking for, and then researching the product before investing is probably a good way to go.

Shemar-Moore 3 I love you miss Lou

70 responses to “In the sea…

  1. I love your style and your taste…lol; On Criminal Minds, he is by far the sexiest with a touch of the feminine side (in his role of course but that’s what we fall for) being such a great bff to Garcia…{sigh}) I have my own thoughts on a few firemen on Chicago Fire.

  2. Oh – he can’t be gay – that would be a crime against all of us. OMG what I wouldn’t give (anything Shemar) to hear that husky voice saying “anything baby girl!” LOL Thanks for dropping by my blog. Its been delicious stopping by yours.

    • Yes, a crime! Not only against women, but also humankind. The man MUST reproduce! lol (REALLY hopes he never reads this)

      *steam out my ears thinking about that husky voice*

      Yes please!

  3. Great choice Miss Lou!! I love Criminal minds and all investigative TV shows (sighs I’m such a sucker!) My favorite is Matthew Gray Grubler! But then I do have a thing for geeks. 😀

  4. The back and forth between you and OM is priceless! Love it. Off to lurk through other posts to find more hilarious banter now …

  5. super place you have here! 😀
    you mention doing a guest post above and it occurs to me that an elaboration on this particular post theme would be a brilliant and timely addition over at Neptune & the Oak. whether you were kidding or not, have a think and let me know…you are definitely in your element with written expression – and I am tough to please!
    appreciate much your follow. I shall return 🙂
    all the best

    • Thanks so much for your kind words 🙂

      I can’t recall ever seriously offering a guest post anywhere.. lol.. Honestly I wouldn’t want the self induced pressure!

      I am currently reading through your guest blogger post ‘La Pensée Sauvage’ which is rather interesting 🙂

      It has been lovely to meet you! Thanks so much for dropping by!

      Miss Lou

      • good morning, miss lou 🙂 i must have misunderstood the ‘banter’ above and was hoping to show my lil readership that energy is everywhere, not just at some astro desk. but that’s ok, i can just send them here 🙂
        off to have a look around…

      • Oh did you mean re blog? lol.. Feel free to share my bloggies if you want to, that is absolutely okay. just make sure you provide credit where due 🙂

        Thanks so much for dropping by and taking the time to converse 🙂

  6. So, first of all, thank you a loooot for following my blog, second of all, your blog is freakin’ awesome! and I haven’t stopped giggling since I clicked through to the link. When I feel gloomy or tired, I’m going to come through and read all your archives to cheer me up. Nice work and I’ll see you around. 🙂 Katie

    • Thanks so much for your wonderful comment! I feel freaking awesome right now.. *beaming smiles*

      I’m really happy that you have been having a bit of a giggle. I do a variety of funnies and serious blogs, depending on how I am feeling.

      I look forward to having a read through your blog, and hope we keep in touch! Thanks so much again!

      Miss Lou

    • *giggling* Right?! *dreamy sighs* Though as we all know… the way a person looks does not necessarily mean they are going to be half productive in a relationship!

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