Liberal Party – NO.

Liberal Party – No.

Today, Australians go to the Polls.

My values  fall in line fairly consistently with Greens Policy, to be honest.

I’d be looking at Labor after that, who fall in behind the greens, for me, personally.

Of course, no party ever gets everything right all of the time. With such a diverse range of people to represent, its not hard to work that out.

I still have an expectation that they will try their very best, particularly when it comes to supporting those most vulnerable in our society. The children, the elderly, those members of the community who have experienced pain and hardship and need a helping hand.

The policies of the Liberal Party breach some of the fundamental principles I relate to being Australian. Fair Go, Compassion, taking care of each other and our fellow man.

I’ve done my research and was clear that I would NOT vote for Liberals before I came across this:

LIBERAL PARTY —-> What a DISGRACEFUL, sneaky thing to do. Waiting til the day before the election to let the Australian Public know you are reducing the Legal Support to Indigenous Australians by 40 Million dollars over the next 3 years. This will not only result in exponentially higher rates of indigenous incarceration when Indigenous people cannot access the legal representation they need, BUT doesn’t even make sense in terms of cost effective policy.

Less representation
= MORE time in courts
= higher incarceration rates
= emotional & physical harm
= self medication (drugs and alcohol)
= mental and physical health services required
= more crime
= back to the courts

All costing more of this:

Australian MOney

Cuts to Save money that will COST MORE MONEY?

Based on this policy of cutting  funding to ESSENTIAL Legal Aid services for indigenous Australians – I’m not buying the Liberal Partys claim that they are committed to ‘Reducing the Gap’


Tony Abbott – No Thank you. As a Woman, Australian and Human Being I don’t want this man representing me. Some of these quotes (HIS words) explain why. 

Have you been looking at your candidates policies? Are you getting informed?#YourVoteCounts.

However you decide to vote, make sure you KNOW why:


There are so many more parties, some have fantastic policies.. 

Your vote, Your Future.

Australian & Aboriginal Flags

69 responses to “Liberal Party – NO.

  1. This is so different from the two-party system in the U.S. Do you find it’s better or worse to have more choices in candidates from various parties? Do the parties form coalitions like they do in England?

    • I personally like to have the variation in policies. The Greens (Whose Policies are mostly consistent with my own values) are outside of the two primary parties and they do tend to have an influence on voter decisions and are able to place themselves where they have a solid impact on the behaviour of which ever primary party wins.

      In relation to coalitions – yes, the last Government – which was Labor, could only get over the line by joining with the greens and other smaller parties.

      Although it was a very challenging time in politics, we saw out first woman (Julia Gillard) Prime Minister and in my opinion we fared through the GFC exceptionally well.

      We currently have a Liberal Government – that was, I Suspect voted in my peoples knowledge of 3 word soundbites and a biased media base.

      Not surprisingly, they have had the shortest honeymoon ever in terms of positive ratings in the polls.


  2. I find this post very interesting, as I am from America and I don’t know much about the Australian political system.

    That’s unfortunate the way the Liberals are performing over there. I definitely consider myself a liberal democrat, and although the issues with Obama-Care over here are getting a bit ridiculous, I can definitely say the cut on indigenous aid your people are going through is worse.

    But ah well, that’s politics for you. Over here our government shut down (again) because the Democrats and Republicans were arguing…that caused a pretty big dent in our economy. That just goes to show you how, when it comes down to it, politicians can be huge babies.

    • Hi Mae, I did follow the situation there during the standoff and was particularly frustrated for you all, despite it not being our Government.. lol

      I found a great article by Nicholas Kristof and I really feel like his sentiments sum up my own to be honest. You can read that here:

      I think the republican party were in the wrong here, and this was a very poor move on their part, not only financially for your country but also in terms of voter support.

      I do not live in your country and as such I do not follow the policy there as closely as I do in my own country. If I did live there and could vote, I would vote Democrats. I am also an Obama supporter, and even tried to donate money to his campaign! (Inter country and all it didn’t work out)

      As for Tony Abbott and the Liberal Government here. Oh. My. Goodness. Apart from the fact I disagree with almost every policy they have in most part, they are currently at their lowest rating in the polls since they were elected.

      #NotSuprised #Messingeverythingup

      Thanks for dropping by touching base – I really appreciate it.

      Miss Lou

  3. Thanks for reading my blog. I’ve recently discovered Xavier Rudd’s music. He’s touring with Nahko and Medicine for the People down there right now. Good vibes!

  4. It’s so heartening to find this small haven of compassion + sanity in cyberspace. My partner & I, distraught if not surprised in the wake of Sept 7, are still trying to understand the factors involved in Abbott’s easy victory. While the Greens’ policies (w/ which I’m most aligned, mainly because they recognise our economy won’t have a future w/o a viable environment), make the ALP & the LNP look relatively similar, I’ve been alarmed at the left’s failure to acknowledge the very substantial differences between the latter two parties. I’ve also felt despair on witnessing the choices of intelligent & compassionate friends, who either voted based on the core policies of their chosen party yet w/o understanding how preferences work (e.g. a vote for the Animal Justice Party = a vote for One Nation because AJP had a bone to pick w/ the Greens: cutting off its nose to spite its face?), or didn’t vote because they think elections are some kind of media circus (which is partly true, the rest of the truth being that a vote not cast can’t challenge the ringmaster, in this case, Murdoch). And now Abbott & Co. want to suppress the media – e.g. reporting on boat arrivals – & to squash dissent, e.g. GetUp. So it seems even more important, I feel, that all we dissenters keep talking to one another, even if we can’t share the conversation w/ some of our closest friends. It’s good to know you’re there (here).

    • Thanks so much for dropping by and taking the time to comment. I agree

      I was also dismayed by the way that many of my friends, and family voted. I have always said, whichever way you choose to vote – that is your right, though encouraged people to make INFORMED votes.

      It seems people have become disillusioned with politics recently (and really, who can blame them) and as a result they have made some poor choices at the polls. I had a friend who said he just put 1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1 beneath the line *blank stares*

      Our votes do count, particularly when we are serious about finding our exactly what our vote endorses.

      I’ll spend the next 3 years trying to engage in articulate conversation about why, in my mind some policies will work and some wont. The greatest change we can make is educating people. I cannot imagine hardly a soul voting for the Liberal Party if they TRULY KNEW the details of his policies. Not only do some of them lack compassion or common sense, neither are they cost effective – NBN, (potential Buy back the boats) and Cut of $43 Million to Indigenous Legal Aid Services. Seriously.

      A big mess to clean up for the next Government – just waiting to happen.

  5. We have GOT to take our world back from greed and avarice! I beleive people are starved of the nutrients they need to make compassionate decisions about other people. Eat more good FATS!!! The brain is made entirely of cholesterol. Cholesterol is NOT the issue. Bodies out there are producing cholesterol to protect themselves from the crap food companies make because people out there buy their crap. In order to have a complete paradigm shift we have to vote where it hurts them with OUR WALLETS! We have to create the new green economy. Put down the factory farmed meatsicles (60 billion animals are tortured to feed our fat faces!) (Yes, I eat meat, but loved and petted and pastured meat) and potatoes that have had all the nutrients bred out of them and go to an organic farm, talk to the farmer and buy HIS food! I guess I’ll step down now…8-P Will definitely folla back, kind of like Holla Back Gurrrrl!

    • Hi Soul Kitty, Thanks for taking the time to come over and read and comment. I appreciate that!

      If only life were so simple! I often consider a sea change! lol…

      To live on a farm, grow my own food and eat my own cattle! It’s interesting the way we go around in circles. We crave things that make our lives easier, provide that luxurious indulgence and help us to be lazier, more comfortable.

      Efficiency, we describe it as. LOL

      We actually need HARD WORK. All of the work just to desire what we formally had.

      Our ability to pick and choose is clouded by self interest and preservation and so we have – a big fat mess.

      Not sure I want to live without the internet now that I have it, or pass up on those easy meals when I have been working 14 hours a day and can’t be bothered. I’m sure I would if I was forced to. I’m sure I would grow to appreciate that feeling of accomplishment you get when you do it hard.

      Great comment, lovely to meet you 🙂

      Miss Lou

  6. Hi Lou! Thanks for the follow. You should check out some of my blogs about the elections results 😉 I think they’ll get you fired up! haha Great to see people engaged in real political debate!

      • Thanks Miss Lou. I’m with you about the ‘lazy voters’. I also think this was allowed to happen because Rudd decided to play personality politics and the medie played along. As soon as you set up the debate in such a superficial way, people will use their vote at a very superficial level.

  7. Its scary and disgusting isn’t it?!?!?!?!
    A lot of my friends are considering moving to Iceland . . . ha ha.
    I am so very keen to save money and maybe get overseas for at least 3 years, because I know his reign won’t last longer than that, for sure . . .
    But then, how am I going to save money when the liberals will up the costs on everythign and cut jobs elsewhere? Hmm. Life is not going to be easy form this point forward.
    Be scared. Be very scared.

  8. I am Australian living abroad so I don’t vote there any more but I have watched the election with great interest. I am quite stunned that Australian’s have just elected the most anti-science government ever and one that is determined to dig up every last bit of coal they can find despite Aussie temperatures continuing to break all the records. And not only that, but someone who says climate science is “crap” and who thinks abortion is just for women’s convenience. The rest of the world is stunned.

    • I think that the current outcome has been a result of several factors.

      The in-fighting in the Labor party has been extremely disappointing to many supporters. Really – not good enough in my personal view. I was disgusted from the moment Rudd was ousted. When it happened to Julia I was just dumbfounded and was wondering how much worse it could get. *blank stares*

      The very obvious trend in the media which supported the Abbott Campaign despite things he said which were absolutely stunners for me. Referencing what Jesus intends to validate their policy stance on Asylum seekers. *Further Blank Stares*

      and the laziness of Australian Voters….. I’m not sure the group of my friends that aren’t politically savvy did much research.

      One of them even said. I cannot be bothered.

      Of course this is their right, I wait and now hope for something to happen that motivates people to take action.

      Miss Lou

    • *huggles you hon* HI!!!

      The election result did not go as I had hoped.

      Saying that, the man now has an opportunity to redeem himself and do his very best to lead our country in a way that is true to the Australian Spirit.

      I’m not feeling particularly confident in the party as their policies and cost cuts are anything but conducive to supporting and enhancing communities, BUT

      .. I spose we will have to wait and see eh.. lol

      *looks at my no longer existent nails*

      II have to come over and have a squiz! I have been so busy with work (I just got home from the office – its 6:35am – more than a little ridiculous eh)

      Miss Lou

    • I feel the same way Susan. I would ideally like to see a range of representatives from a diverse background all working together for a common goal. It seems that during this election the majority of parties spent their time talking trash about the other parties.

      My greatest fear is that people have voted based entirely on media fed 3 word slogans and not actual policy and costings.

      We now have a predominately Liberal leadership. It is going to be interesting to see how things go.

  9. I was not aware of this! Thank you for sharing. That is disgusting, assimilation through incarceration sums it up perfectly, and it’ll be nothing but detrimental for indigenous Australians!

    What’s worse is, it is looking highly likely the liberals will be running the country by tomorrow…

  10. Excellent post Miss Lou. We have a ice blocks chance in hell of stopping the Liberals from getting in but I agree with the comments you have made above. god help us all.

    • I’m so worried about it to be honest. I will be strongly advocating for those community development and support areas that I am involved with. Their policy on CUTTING funding to Indigenous Legal Aid services, makes absolutely NOT a SHRED of sense.

      Save money now to spend 10 times MORE fixing what they messed up down the track. *shakes my head*

      Goodness me.

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