Sheila’s eh – who needs em?

A (Wo)Mans World

We do. The WHOLE world needs women and their brilliance.

Australian Cabinet was revealed yesterday

This is how it looks:


Just as I had disappointments with the Labor Government and some of their respective policies during their time in government, the same will apply to the Liberal Government. NO government ever gets it right for everyone all of the time.

Before you fill up my comment section about the world not revolving without men.  You are absolutely right.

There is no community without men.

There is no community without women.

Working together.

There needs to a balanced approach. 

Yes, I think there is something wrong here, and yes, I absolutely think it needs fixing.

Mr Abbott being unable to identify more women as part of his ‘Best Team’ is consistent with these comments:

** ‘What the housewives of Australia need to understand as they do the ironing is that if they get it done commercially, it will go up in price.’

** ‘I think it would be folly to expect that women will ever dominate or even approach equal representation in a large number of areas, simply because their aptitudes, abilities and interests are different for physiological reasons.’

It appears his ridiculous comments were not just ‘Gaffes’ (as he described them) but a core belief. 

Frankly, I find it disturbing. 

I wouldn’t be happy with a Cabinet that was ALL of either sex. That is not and would not be a true representation of Australian Communities.

I believe that Cabinet was put in place on the premise that each person was selected because they were the ‘Best Person’ for the job. 

THAT is my concern. 

There is a genuine systematic issue within the Liberal Party in relation to how women are viewed. 

This view is based on;
** Their policies and 

** Their executive structures (In each state and territory).

** The comments made by various Party Members consistently, particularly Tony Abbott, well-known for his regressive views on women. Who could forget how he let slip that he thought one of his young Liberal candidates had a bit of sex appeal. Tony Abbott could have used that opportunity to be remarking about the reasons why she would be an appropriate candidate.

‘Sex Appeal’ is not a valid reason the community would want her representing them. (At least in my mind. Granted I could be the only one who thinks this way)

Is she intelligent?



Most importantly – does she work hard? Let us hear about how she has demonstrated her commitment to the community.

Let us NOT hear about how a man views her as a sexual being in THIS CONTEXT because it’s NOT relevant.

Being sexually appealing to someone is not a bad thing. However it is not warranted or appropriate to share when coming from a man who is married, has 3 daughters and was potentially going to be our Prime Minister.

Yes, I think there is something wrong here, and yes, I absolutely think it needs fixing.

74 responses to “Sheila’s eh – who needs em?

  1. That’s right I read this awhile ago – still has the same impact of pissing me off and making me depressed all at the same time.

      • Agree, hopefully all the other politicians are running around getting their act together in preparation to put up some competition, just so it doesn’t turn into 20 years of pain.

      • Agreed, I have been very disappointed with the Labor Party over the last few years, and honestly this time around my own principles and values are most closely aligned with Greens Policy.

      • They would have to radically lift their game to be considered a real contender. How many have enough experience to go for the top job? Actually I should just find out the answer to that myself…

  2. Yes don’t get me started on Phony Abbott and the ministry of misogyny I hate them, even their women, what’s the point in half of the nation voting if no one represents us? Time for a riot.

    • I’m so sorry Scarlet I have no clue how I missed this one.

      We’ve had some discussions about the Abbott Critter, and we agree on most parts. I’m getting long in the tooth (35) not sure I could handle a riot, but I’d settle for him being running out of parliament… lol

      • It’s cool, I was surprised to see the comment! 35 isn’t long toothed :p

        Whatever gets him out I’m fine with, lightning, guard dogs, plague – anything!

      • lol… ‘Public outrage sorting him out democratically’

        I’ve almost finished making dinner. MY GOODNESS it is soooo HOT here *wails*

      • We seem to be outraged in newspapers – letters to the editor, blogs, tweets and other bits of what you could call slacktivisim but something that would get him out like that? I dunno.

        Get back to your yummy sauce, I had a great tom-yum soup with a friend last night mmmm.

      • I browned up the most delicious mince, added some curry powder, bit of this… bit of that.. nomnomnomnoms…. all in anticipation of adding the tomato paste to make it into a great bologna sauce…

        No Tomato paste.


        I was too lazy to go to the store and get some so just cooked up the pasta and threw it all in with some veges.

        XFiles live on!

      • Aww! Anticlimax! When I was in the city I could walk to the shops in 5 minutes in either direction, but most of the time I was cooking if I lacked something I did the same thing as you 😀


  3. Agreed. The lack of women in the cabinet is one of the many awful aspects of the new Liberal government.
    But can I please ask you to reconsider your statement “I am not a feminist”?
    You are a feminist. I can tell from this post. Feminism is simply about equal rights among men and women. If anyone tells you different, they are probably wrong. I can understand you not wanting to be associated with the more extreme aspects of feminism – but we need to change the perception that that’s what it’s all about.
    You don’t want to join protest groups? Fine, you can still be a feminist.
    You want to be able to laugh at the occasional well-made rape joke? Well okay, you can still be a feminist.
    You just want to be a housewife, and you’d be okay with your daughter doing the same? Sure, you can still be a feminist.
    You believe that women are fundamentally inferior to men? No, sorry. You can’t be a feminist. You have failed the one test that gives you a guaranteed fail.

    • Hi Andy, thanks for taking the time to visit and comment on my blog 🙂 I appreciate that.

      I agree that I am for equal rights for women, and after having looked at the definition of ‘feminism’ which is reasonable and sensibly states:

      ‘Feminism is a collection of movements and ideologies aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal political, economic, and social rights for women.[1][2] This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment. A feminist advocates or supports the rights and equality of women.[3]’

      I would agree I am in fact a feminist.

      In line with this is also my fundamental belief, that every single person should be afforded, reasonable, equal life opportunities irrespective of their gender, their age and or their back round. ‘People ‘ist’? *lopsided grin* Socialist? Humanitarian? (mayhap I’m being too generous.)

      Just to clarify, I have never laughed at or been amused about any joke about rape of any gender. (personal irk of mine)

      I’m actually hoping Abbott’s recent self appointment as Minister for Womens Affairs will make him significantly more accountable in the position. More so than what any other person would be in that role.

      Considering his recent commentary and ongoing regressive views, I do think that this will be the case.

      Once again, thanks for taking the time to visit and comment 🙂

      Miss Lou

      • Yay! I believe that an important part of working towards equality is to reverse the demonising, stigma and misunderstanding of the word feminist – so thanks for taking my comment seriously.

        With the questions (including the rape joke thing) they were aimed at an imaginary “every person” so yeah I wasn’t expecting they would necessarily apply to you. The rape joke thing is a whole can of worms in itself, but just briefly I do think comedy that mentions rape can be funny or even thought provoking in a positive way – though usually that’s not the case. A good general rule (which I stole from a comment) is;
        Making fun of rapists and their culture: potentially funny
        Making fun of rape victims: almost always incredibly unfunny and horrible

  4. Pingback: It’s been one hundred and twenty years …… | silkannthreades·

    • Thank you very much for your comment and the repost of my rather long-winded diatribe expressing my outrage! lol

      Greatly appreciated 🙂

      The piece that you wrote was beautiful and very reflective historically.

      It’s not often we get to see historical documents such as the one presented, nor for that matter, become aware of the dates that the world was changed forever 🙂

      Great post

      Miss Lou

  5. Apparently your political system is just as screwed up as ours here in the U.S. And I thought we cornered the market on stupidity in politics. I guess there’s more than enough stupidity to go around.

    • I agree & ALL Places matter 🙂 Women and their input are essential to communities.

      Thanks so much for dropping by and taking the time to comment 🙂

      Miss Lou

  6. Sadly it proves that compulsory voting doesn’t work. It forces uninformed voters into snap decisions. But non compulsory voting isn’t much better, as it leads to disengaged voters.
    The two party system forces people from one party to the other with no real choice other than the lesser of two evils, as independent and third party candidates are rarely taken seriously, and can’t compare to the financial clout of the two major parties.
    Basically, I don’t have the answer, but totally agree.

    • I voted for labor, that in essence, based on their policies, I do support.

      In saying that I have been disappointed with the infighting and behaviour within the party. I’ve no surprise that people have become disillusioned with the party. and politics in general.

      Based on Policy, I think the Greens fall in line with my core values, primarily. (Labor a close second)

      Some of the minor parties do have excellent policy and for those of us that are informed voters, we do take the opportunity to research such things,

      During the election there was a fantastic resource provided at many polling booths by ‘Get Up’. This outlined the various party positions in key policy areas. They did a fantastic job informing the public.

      Sadly they didn’t have enough resources to get to everyone!

      Thanks for dropping by!

      Miss Lou

    • I’m not currently hopeful of that in the immediate future. UNTIL it starts having a immediate effect on women and people in their lives they will be complacent in my view.


      Though as they say, things have to get worse before they get better.



  7. I believe “the best person for the job” should have the job, man or woman, but on top of that I feel it’s necessary to have a balance of both sexes on all committees (government or otherwise) as they often have different ways of looking at things and resolving issues.
    This Tony Abbott chap sounds a bit “70s” in his views to me.

    • I do believe that the Cabinet was put in place on the premise that each person was selected because they were the ‘Best Person’ for the job.

      THAT is my concern.

      I agree – the best person for the job & a balance of both sexes.

      So how is that measured? (Re the BEST person for the job)

      Let us understand how those decisions were made.

      Based on the points I outlined above, one could have an understanding of why there is a level of concern around the principles and core values decisions are based on for the Liberal Party.

      Not to mention the methodology used to establish the ‘Merit’ of candidates.


  8. Women need to vote! We need to express ourselves and exert our power! Conservatives in our country want to mute women. I don’t know how any woman in the U.S. could fathom- let alone JOIN-the Republican Party!

    • I like to think of it as expressing those wonderful qualities unique to women. The way we think, and approach challenges. Scientifically proven to be different.

      Collectively, when men and women work together, outcomes ARE better. When we collaborate, instead of try and dominate.

      I’m not across US politics or party policies and legislation.

      I am fundamentally someone who values community and community development and support of those who at any given time are less fortunate.

      Is there are ‘For the People’ Party?

      Thanks so much for your comments 🙂

      Miss Lou

    • Women do vote. Voting is Compulsory in Australia.

      What is frightening, is that people voted this party in, which resulted in Tony Abbott becoming our Prime Minister.

      #Unexplained Phenomenon lol

      Honestly – Lazy voters?
      Voters lacking in compassion?
      Voters fed up with everything and want a change?
      Voters sucked in by 3 and 4 word slogans?
      Voters who actually think the Boats full of refugees were going to take over our country? #GetINFORMEDandLEARNthenumbers!!

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