How was being so bad, so good?


Got to the end of Breaking Bad, with tears streaming down my face.

Pathetically, wondering, what in the world was the point.

Breaking Bad

33 responses to “How was being so bad, so good?

  1. I loved Breaking Bad, but I felt like they coulda made a whole other season to tie up all the questions I still had about the show. Also, really like your blog. & thanks for the follow. Look forward to reading more from you.

    • I wouldn’t protest another season! Lol did you hear that they are bringing out a new spin off series : ‘better call Saul!’ ? Should be amusing…. Lol

      • I did! My brother and I were talking about that the other day. (I blew his mind when I explained “Saul goodman” sounded like “it’s all good man”) I’d definitely watch it!!

  2. I haven’t really started watching any of the recent must see box set stuff. I put of watching tv at the moment, don’t know why, just doing other things I suppose. But Dr Who is on tonight so you never know.


  3. Well written, tight television is hard to find.
    A good story, even if it’s about an antihero is worth the trip.
    And I thought the finale, despite a lack of Jesse, was an excellent summation to the story.

    • I agree, also feeling that it was written extremely well.

      Although I wanted to beat Walt White over the head with a cactus stuffed lake trout on many occasions, I also found myself empathizing, relating and hoping for the best outcome.

      The whole thing was all so unnecessary and such a disastrous mess. In the end the words he spoke to his wife, ‘I did it because I wanted to, I enjoyed it’ wrapped it up beautifully.

      It was his choice, and in his mind he lived a life he could never have imagined. When we are first introduced to his character he is portrayed as weak, and a push over and someone too easily bullied. By the end of the show we get to see an extreme alter ego, and the results were catastrophic.

    • Hi Luis, thanks for taking the time to drop by and comment, much appreciated.

      I never had an interest in watching it, and was vaguely aware that it was themed around the behaviour of a man who was dying doing things out of character.

      I only began watching it recently.

      For the first two seasons, I was left with a WTF feeling (What The Fungus) though continued to watch.

      Never having an interest in engaging in any kind of drug use, I didn’t get the physical side of it, but psychologically, I found the emotional experiences and journey of the characters interesting and relatable.

      For whatever reason, I’m at the end of my own viewing journey and I don’t regret having watched it at all.

      Does your ‘pandemonium’ comment relate to the drug use (and development) or the overall fanciful nature of the story line?

      • Pandemonium for the drug use and for the overall violence that transpires. I’ll stick to Seinfeld. I understand that, shows like that can and do represent reality, but to also add it, to what we view on television, is just too much…And thanks for commenting, on my comment πŸ‘

  4. I chose “Other” simply because we’re watching it on Netflix, but not religiously. It is a great show, but “the best program ever made?” I’m not sure I’d go that far. πŸ˜‰

    • I love characters I emotionally connect with. Ones that leave me crying. Greys Anatomy was that for me. My favorite program ever.

      I’m not sure exactly where in the story it happened, but breaking bad knocked it off top spot.

      I really don’t understand it. Because I was frustrated most of the time and wanted to club Walter White over the head with a cactus stuffed lake trout. #AnnoyingBadAssWannabe

      • HaHa, I can’t stomach Greys. My wife is watching it on Netflix, I can’t be in the same room. We have so little in common, especially TV and movies, I’m surprised we’re even married. πŸ˜€

        I can’t watch shows where the characters aggravate me. I have such a low tolerance for stupidity that it makes me angry to watch.

  5. I found myself ridiculously engaged with the story and the life experiences of the characters.

    A true testament to the skill of the people involved in the shows creation. I followed with interest, finding myself in a love hate relationship with Walter White. Compassion vs contempt the whole journey through.

    What a disaster.

    Right? *slumps*

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