Just Jot It January #2 – Hairy Strawberries!

Hairy Strawberries!

Escaping from the house, resisting a nervous breakdown (School Holidays) I went up to the store to grab food for dinner.

Forgetting I was driving a Manual Vehicle I bunny hopped to a stop before I remembered that a clutch existed and I had to use it.


I got to the Store, parked in a 5 minute drop off zone to encourage myself to be quick.

*Blank Stares*

Yeah Right.

I was greeted by #WeirdFood. Everywhere.

Just Jot It January #2; Hairy Strawberries Fruits
Those yellow Steroid Pumped Green/Yellow Oranges –  the ones the size of an adult human head – those are called Pomelo’s apparently.

The other two are probably real good for you since they look like you would find them scrambling on the forest floor dying of starvation.

I’ve forgotten their names. Since I was about to be asked if I was taking pictures of fresh produce to try and report them to Consumer Affairs, I did not bother trying to take a picture of the name.

I do remember they were all ridiculously expensive (Over $15 per kilo each)

These, I have been informed by my household are known as Hairy Strawberries.

Hairy Strawberries

Has anyone ever eaten them? (or any of these fruits?)

What did you think?

Just Jot It January #2; Hairy Strawberries

Part of Just Jot It January

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59 responses to “Just Jot It January #2 – Hairy Strawberries!

  1. The rambutan ( a Malay word) is a very popular fruit in South East Asia. It’s sweet and has a unique texture. Growing up in Singapore, we always wait for the rambutan season. Hope you’ll give it a try! 🙂

    • I’ve not tried it as yet – looks a bit hairy.. and scary.. lol Though I have some dear friends who also love it and insist I give it a go! If I ever get around to it, I will be sure to let you know how I go.. 🙂


  2. I had the chance to try Rambutan when I visited Singapore and Malaysia. I thought they were excellent! For those who haven’t tried them yet, I highly recommend cracking them open before taking a bite. 😉

    • LOL Great advice! One would have to watch out for furballs if trying to munch on them without cracking them open first..

      I have not personally ever eaten any, though every one I know that has, quite enjoyed them too.


  3. Ha ha. First time I heard Rambutan referred to as Hairy Strawberries. That is cute and will raise more than a few eyebrows if you call it that in the tropical countries where they are grown which will probably go for a tenth or a fifth of the price in US. The Hokkien Chinese call it “ang mor tan” translated as “red hair nut” which come to think of it may be where the term “red hairy devils” “ang more kui” for foreigners comes from. ha ha. No offence, we have been called worse.:)

    • LOL. I have many Filipino friends who eat them regularly (daily) and they do grow well here in northern Australia.

      I have not personally eaten any. I’m a bit afraid of the close resemblance they have to hairy spiders too.. lol

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    • Hi Quentin! Is it okay for me to call you Q for short?

      I’m not sure about the delicious component of these fruits.. (have not yet tried them) but fruit generally, I do enjoy!

      Thanks for dropping by!


    • Right?! LOL #PotentialFurballs

      I’m guessing you chop them open and scrape out the inside rather than chomping the entire hairy beast?

      I’ve never tried any before so really don’t know. I imagine I will find out before the end of the day!

      (Night here, in Australia)

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