Just Jot It January #3 – Banana!


0550hrs – Breakfast! Kellogg’s Sustain and Bananas!

Sustain & Banana!

Just Jot It January #3; Banana

What time do you have breakfast and what do you normally eat?

 Part of Just Jot It January

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51 responses to “Just Jot It January #3 – Banana!

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  3. Breakfast can be anytime between 6:00 and 9:30 — English muffin with Peanut butter. I love a banana for an afternoon snack — just had mine. 😎

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      • Aussies being rude about NZ axecents of course, but it is a funny clip. You have the right Clearwaters. I love it so much I actually don’t like any other yogurt now. Yesterday, I bought a 2kg tub of it !

      • Half our family is NZ and it is a form of banter between the two nationalities.

        Of course, there is french thrown in too, so you can just imagine how all that goes down..

        I strongly suspect I may be lactose intolerant and so have started to try and eat Lactase products rather than lactose. I like Liddells and Vaalia products as they have a range of milks, yogurts and chesses!

      • Half my family is Australian based; so, yes, the banter is always there! No French involved, though. I think Vaalia is the product my mother likes.

    • lol…

      I Love Buttered toast with Freshly sliced tomato and onion salt! Yum!

      I’m a watered down Juice and water drinker mostly – except when I make fresh juice which takes eons of preparation!

      I don’t think I have ever had coffee in my life! I did have a rotten iced coffee thrown on me by accident when I was 12, waiting at the bus stop, it might be why I don’t drink it now.

      Form of Foodie PTSD (to go with my anxiety attacks)

  5. I now know you’re entire breakfast by reading the tags!

    Workdays, I step out of my office for a buttered roll between 0930 and 1000. Weekends, scrambled eggs or cereal. I try very hard not to skip meals, because at an old job, I skipped them constantly and hated it.
    Having three meals a day is sort of my pushback against the daily mayhem.

    • Lol @ your Tag Obsession with my Tag Obsession!

      It sounds like you have a fairly healthy eating plan – schedule wise at least.

      I *TRY to eat 5 or 6 smaller meals a day, but sometimes with our schedule I miss 2 all of them except dinner and then I end up binging!! *groans*

      Then I have a fat full guts and feel like laying around like a beached whale while I digest. *stares*

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