Just Jot It January #7 Capitalism A Love Story

‘Capitalism; A Love Story’

Watching Michael Moore’s ‘Capitalism, A Love Story.’

I’ve shed tears, grit my teeth in frustration and rebuked the injustice of it all.

I’m still not at the end.

I feel sick.

Have you seen Michael Moore’s Documentary, ‘Capitalism, A Love Story’?

How do you feel about it?

What is your definition/perception of Capitalism?

Pros? Cons?

Capitalism A Love Story

Part of Just Jot It January

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43 responses to “Just Jot It January #7 Capitalism A Love Story

  1. Have seen all of Michael Moore’s films. In fact, I own them all and his short-lived TV series as well. My favorite is still “Roger and Me.” But obviously I am favorable toward his work. The only time I really did not like his style was when he went after Charlton Heston in his home. I do not agree with Heston’s politics, but I found Moore’s treatment of him ‘less than classy’ and it pissed me off.

  2. Haven’t seen Capitalism: A Love Story – but Farenheit 911 was a true eye-opener when I first saw it about 10 years ago. Never looked at anything the same after that & have always questioned everything. Unfortunately, that now includes Michael Moore’s documentaries, but still would like to see Capitalism! Regardless of how one-sided his documentaries tend to be, I think his true intentions are just to get people to not accept everything for the way it is & to try to see through the smoke and mirrors.

    • Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment 🙂

      I think you have raised some very valid points.

      In anything, there are always more sides to a story than a single point of view. Political policies are all very multi faceted, and the development and implementation is more often than not a complicated matter which can be dramatically spun a variety of ways.

      As citizens, if we care, there is a great deal of information available to us if we look around for it. If we are being thorough and applying critical thought, we will acknowledge there are pro’s and con’s to almost everything, then we will make our personal conclusions.

      I’ve already arrived at many of my personal conclusions, though I am not closed off to new information, or the possibly that that information may change my personal position about things 🙂

      We are never to old to learn if we are open to it.

      I’d strongly recommend this documentary – as well as his other one – ‘Sicko’ That provided some really interesting information about health policy in France and the UK.


      P.s: I’m not sure my position of outrage on the employee insurance (without their knowledge or consent) bit will ever be turned around.. lol

  3. For what it’s worth I’ve always found Michael Moore to be a divisive character who chooses the most extreme opinion to garner commentary. I have never been convinced that he necessarily believes what he is saying.

    I personally do not believe that complete Capitalism or Communism/Socialism to be the answer to governance of a country. So far from what I have observed (through study) at the top of every Communist ruled society yo find a coterie of Capitalists pulling the strings which refutes the argument of purists. IMHO.

    Regarding the ABC – it’s checkered history of reporting has led to its slide from ‘grace’. During the last Labour Govt. it was apparent that many of the stories presented had a government view bias. Sooner or later such vacillation is bound to cause dissension.

    Healthcare – Australia’s supposed free healthcare is a myth. Yes, it’s free if you can afford to wait a number to years to see a doctor or get an operation…it’s better than nothing but is a far cry from what it espouses. We have a system whereby diseases and their effective treatment are being denied as existing andpeople are unable to get any help from the medical profession or health system. It is also a fact that our acceptance of these simple things means as a country we are about a decade behind other countries, such as the UK or US.

    Welfare… no I do not believe we have a good welfare system where those in need are being helped. I agree that there are those who abuse the system but those who need help are suffering for the miscreants. Most people do everything they can to avoid getting into the tentacles of the welfare system as it is a direct means of stigmatizing people. When you combine this with a health issue you have people with little money who are unable to get private health cover and cannot get to see a doctor unless they enter a life threatening situation where pot luck plays a key. Otherwise they wait up to two or more years if it is decreed not to be ‘life threatening;, an arbitrary decision sometimes and their treatment can and does get deferred time and time again. In My Opinion (IMHO) not an ideal situation.

    The “Illegals”. No, I do not feel it is a term invented or used to dehumanise them and make it easier for the Govt. to treat them adversely. The facts are: we do not know what their personal circumstances are. Many have paid huge sums to try to arrive by boat.If they are true refugees where have they managed to get such an amount to pay the boat runners? (per person) They pay more than the coast of a first class airfare for their boat passage. It is a fact that prior to the current, not perfect screening system, the Labour Govt allowed all “illegals” to enter, free healthcare and welfare. They actually receive far more than an Australian citizen. I’m not omniscient but there seems to be a dichotomy present. As to being the worst western country in this respect. I believe we carry one of the greatest burdens on a per capita basis in receiving he number of refugees that we do. It should be noted that for every “illegal” refugee who enters the country they displace on “legal:” refugee who has waited in the camps or system to enter the country. Is this right?

    No-one has mentioned the Judicial system. (I realise it was not part of the doco but other issues have been raised) It is antiquated since it has not been updated for decades. We still have offenses relating to horse drawn vehicles and the riding of horses… yet the waiting list to get a matter before the court is extending year by year, unless if course you have money. That being noted the system cannot claim to be impartial.

    There is no doubt that opinions vary dependent on the direct experience one may have had with any of the above. Of one thing I am certain – I do not like Michael Moore, nor his way of presenting alleged facts.

    As a global society we have a long way to go to get it right and neither Communism, Socialism, Capitalism or Environmentalism alone has the keys to the solution. I’m not sure any “ism” has the answer.

    I hope you will forgive such a long (first) answer on your blog :0
    Susan x

  4. First of all, it’s a MOVIE, made by a rich capitalist with an agenda. Its distortions far outweigh its thoughtful analysis. All economic systems have flaws, but U.S. capitalism is responsible for the rise of the overall most prosperous, most powerful, most free, and most generous nation the world has ever known. More people still say “the U.S.” when asked what country they would choose to go to if they had to leave their own.

    • Hi illero, thanks for taking the time to drop by and share your range of opinions – both on U.S Capitalism and what you think the opinion of others may be too! 🙂

      I do agree that all economic systems have flaws. #ValidPoint


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  6. Not yet but will do soon – thanks for this 🙂 (I like the way Michael Moore jolts us from our complacency 🙂

    My definition of capitalism is where market forces determine the running of the economy and not the State as such.
    America is probably a bit like Australia where there’s a combination and the government ‘picks up the slack’ in terms of welfare etc.
    Unfortunately in Aust, we have a growing underclass class of poor, yet our richest just seem to get richer… 😦

    BTW I’m so glad Obama brought in the National Health Care system – we have one here – Medicare – it’s mandatory I believe, for a civilised, humanitarian society!

    • Welcome Back Lee-Anne – I too am an Australian and I believe that every single person should have free access to quality healthcare on demand. It is an essential service and as a taxpayer (Paying well into 40% of my own income in taxes at various times) I have no issue at all with my tax dollars being used to support those within our community who are vulnerable and sick and need help.

      Under no circumstances do I ever think that healthcare should be a Profit making industry – THAT entire premise is in direct conflict with the service being provided and the OATH that doctors take when they become doctors.

      Michael Moore also did the documentary Sicko and that was EYE opening in terms of some of the terrible practice happening within the states due to their healthcare system.

      I also fully support Obamacare being rolled out and one can only hope that as things progress the wrinkles will be ironed out and ALL people will be able to access affordable healthcare WHEN they need it.

      France has an EXCELLENT healthcare system where they even pay for patient transport and no one, no matter how much money they do or do not earn EVER has to pay for healthcare. In fact, their doctors are rewarded when their patients demonstrate better health outcomes – weight loss, lower blood pressure, ceasing to smoke. Doctors are encouraged in the work they do every single day to provide the best healthcare they possible can for their patients and not once do they ever have to consider whether or not that patient has insurance or money to pay. That is exactly how it should be.

      I have been watching with interest Mr Abbott and the liberal Governments attempt to place a $6 fee on doctors visit – Slippery path that is…

      I note your comments about our Australian Welfare system and think that although it is not perfect, there have been some significant improvements and the people who receive support are genuinely the ones who need it – not all the time, but much of the time 🙂

      Thank you for taking the time to drop by and share your thoughts, I very much appreciate it 🙂

      While you are here, have you got any opinions or views on the current issues surrounding Asylum Seekers and their claim for Asylum – as well as the Liberal Parties policies respectively?


      • Hi again Lou 🙂 For some reason I was under the misconception that you were American (not that’s anything wrong with that …silly me!)

        I do have opinions, in fact ‘self-opinionation’ is my middle name…

        I watch with grave trepidation, our illustrious PM marching in, wielding his ‘economic truncheon’ willy-nilly making cuts – the ABC is now threatened (for being too independent LOL)

        Yes, France is enlightened with health, as are the Scandinavian countries whose policies on the environment and regarding animal welfare are impressive.

        Regarding the asylum seekers or “illegals” as their lately deemed ( which I think is all part of the process in dehumanising them), I find it appalling that we’re treating desperate families, fleeing who knows what terrible conditions and persecutions, in this way. I blush to be an Australian – apparently we’re the worst of western democracies in this. 😦

        Won’t watch Sicko as don’t want to be depressed today, though I will man-up and view Capitalism. 🙂

        Disclaimer: *Grinning cheekily* Was being ironic when using said sexist expression “man-up” !

      • LOL – Tony Abbott would be impressed!! *snorks*

        I too heard some outrageous comments over night on the radio in relation to ABC’s ‘biased reporting’ *rollin eyes* – ASKING a news agency to report ONLY favorable news about the country it is based is BIASED.. duh!

        As far as I was aware – ABC news always used the word alleged in relation to the accusations – and what a shocking replay of the precedent set during the Howard era – when the government then criticized the reporting of the ABC and then significantly CUT its budget. – they are now talking about a cost effectiveness assessment… blah blah blah

  7. I haven’t seen the movie. I have been looking through the census statistics for our country. Under our current nationalist/capitalist Government it appears that unemployment is higher than when we had a Labour Govt. Other statistics seem to show that we are doing okay ie living better and longer lives, in general. So I think it is not whether we live under a capitalist system, or something else, that is important but that we have democracy and the ability to choose whichever system we want. That way we seem to get a balance.

    • If you have the opportunity and want to be more informed about how the Capitalist system and the government functions very much together (atleast in the US), then take a look at the documentary. It was hard to stop watching once I started – was quite incredible.

      I’ve no doubt on some level it happens here in Australia and over in NZ to some degree too.

      Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts 🙂


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  9. I would consider myself morally opposed to certain types of capitalism, mainly that which is proposed by the likes of Milton Friedman. Big business, as far as I can see it, is quite literally destroying the world if viewed from an environmentalist standpoint. But hey, that’s just me!

    There are forms of capitalism I find intriguing, but there are also plenty aspects from Marxist theory that I think apply to our economic system today.

    Good discussion!

    • Hi Matt – Firstly, I’m sorry it took me so long to respond, I have no idea how I missed this comment and even recall responding to it *kicks non functioning reply button*

      I thank you for taking the time to drop by and state your views on this. I myself need to look further into the Marxist Theory to gain a better understanding and will do so as I have the time.

      Have you see the documentary that I referenced in this post? Although so many parts were very enlightening, I find it difficult to get passed employers taking out insurance on their employees without their knowledge… that and the fact that I cannot imagine how on earth it is legal?!!


      • No worries at all!

        For me, Marxism, though flawed, is a great source for understand the serious problems of capitalism. Marx’s ideas are not prevalent in society anymore (even countries that identify as socialist or communist represent only a vague resemblance to the ideas put forth by Marx) but his criticisms should be read and understood by everyone. Or, at least I find them incredibly informative 🙂

        I have not seen the documentary, but I am somewhat familiar with it. Some unspeakably nasty things go on in the business world…

      • I’m going to check out this Marxism business *Adds to list of to do* (Already a million things long)

        The documentary is great and describes in detail some of the processes that take place that would get any informed person a little pissy!

  10. As a business owner for over 20 years I would say you can’t lump all of us capitalists together. There is more to say on that but I don’t want to anger you or your readers.

    • Hi deb, thanks for your comments, which are very valid.

      Generalisation is never useful for anyone .

      Let me also take this opportunity to state that my personal comments relate directly to the content presented on this documentary which essentially relates to the conduct of massive corporations.

      I’d also invite you to share your comments and views. Although we may not all agree, always, that is how we learn.

    • *Any comments are welcome here, providing they attack the topic and not the individuals involved in the discussion.

      By the way, Deb, have you had the opportunity to watch this documentary?

      It helps to sets the context for the post and subsequent comments. 🙂

      I personally, would really appreciate you sharing your thoughts on it, and capitalism generally.


  11. I haven’t seen this one – being Canadian, I usually stay away from anything that looks like it discusses American politics – I get enough in the news. But having said that, I have seen a couple of his movies and enjoyed them. I like his style. I’ll probably check this out, eventually. 🙂

  12. Oooh! I haven’t been to visit you in ages Miss Lou, and I love what you’ve done with the place! Looks fabulous around here – all bright and energetic. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to stalk your archives and get all caught up 🙂

  13. I think it is a great documentary, sometime the truth hurts 😀 Check out “Sicko” that will really get to you if you are an American without health insurance.

    • So far, this is an excellent documentary. It’s very informative.

      I honestly did not think my opinion of the American healthcare system could have got any worse. I was wrong. Sicko clearly covered the way American Healthcare is ENTIRELY about profit not about the people. Healthcare should NOT be a profit making industry. It creates direct conflicts of interest.


  14. It doesn’t make me cry but it makes me angry… The guys eating lobster and smoking big cigars manipulate us everyday for their own betterment..

    • It is not right. People who have worked hard all their lives loosing their homes to the stroke of a pen and a lawyer.

      How is this sort of thing good for an economy? People are stressed, sick and desperate. NOT productive.

      Companies taking out life insurance and naming themselves as the primary benefactor for their employees? How on earth do they get away with this crap?

      • The Worlds Largest Telecommunications Company has a policy out on me. I’m sure I’m worth more dead than alive…This is madness. If I was to die on the job, they would fight my heirs to give them pennies.. you keep up the fight.

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