One Word Wonder #1 – Emotions


Write One word – an emotion that sums up how you are feeling right now.

One word.

Feel free to use the thesaurus and come up with a weird and wonderful word to describe your emotion.

Feel free to share the link to one of your recent posts if it relates to how you are feeling.

Then, using one sentence explain why you are feeling that emotion – only if you want to and you can.

If you don’t know why, write that too.

I’m going to use these single words to create a community word graphic.

The aim is to create a series of these graphics with different themes and place in a central location.

More to come when I don’t have #Thunderbrain.

One Word Wonder Emotions 1 January 2014 Border

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167 responses to “One Word Wonder #1 – Emotions

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  2. One word: zoetic
    Flipped to that in the thesaurus just above “death”–lol– figured I would go half-full instead of half empty! The oed does not claim that word, though, so if you’d like to go with “zoic,” that works, too — means something like, “showing signs of life” — nice word for a 4-day weekend in which I’m going to make breakfast for the little ones then try to get the poetry manuscript brushed up and sent off to another contest! Hey, thank you for following — nice to meet you! Off to “follow” back!

  3. Optimistic. I know I’ve got a sort of acerbic, self-effacing sense of humor, but the fact of the matter is that I’ve been feeling lots of optimism lately. I’m a “late bloomer” in life and starting a new career, but amazingly stuff is falling into place (knock on formica), and I’m not playing whack-a-mole with my life. Feels pretty nice. Oh watch now, I’ll die.

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  6. Very nice blog! I’m glad you stopped by mine so I could find you. I had something similar on my FB page the other day… LOL.. but I took it down after 2 days. I think mine actually said use one word to describe your life…. My answer: Complicated… 😀 Sorry I can’t go into why right now.

    • #Complicated – great word Keli. I think it describes the lives of almost all of us at some stage or another (If not all the time, behind the scenes)

      Thanks for dropping by and participating 🙂


  7. anxious.
    Not like super anxious, just that slight oh dang, I’ve done something bad feeling.
    But I feel OK too, so maybe ‘moody’

    • #Hopeful – it makes me smile to say that this has been a popular word during this activity 🙂

      Thanks for dropping by and participating mark 🙂


    • #Despondent is a great addition to the Graphic and #YayBananas for looking forward to a better day eh!

      (Bananas is my families #Optimistic theme in life right now – ever since seeing the minion clip with their Banana addiction we say it to just about everything – even the crap stuff.. lol)

      • I usually feel very connected to my environment and to people. The best way to explain and the realization came when I suddenly felt a connection again for a slight moment. It was an emotional impact. It made me realize how off centre I have been lately, and how my focus was completely askew. In essence it’s affected, my creativity and even my sleep.

  8. #Hopeful. Last year felt like bad luck was chasing me. Lost my father to cancer, my former father in law died, lost my job, got injured and could not run etc. This year started off great, I received many positive comments on my blog, more my blog, I am doing workouts to strengthen my body and I can run again. Next thing a new job and more positive vibes! 🙂
    Great question Miss Lou 😉

    • Great word Jehan! – It sounds like you went through a pretty tough time last year with so much happening, I’m sorry for the pain you’ve experienced.

      It sounds like your spirits are up somewhat now and I really encourage you to keep working at it – sometimes we have to have the hard bits to appreciate the good bits that much more.

      Thank you for dropping by and adding a word, much appreciated!


      • Morning (in the Netherlands it is morning). Thanks for your reply ML. It was a really painful year, but I also learned so much. It is not only saying goodbye to people who are not there for you. It was a big hello to people who care about you, most from people I hardly knew at that time. Received so much love, learned that I’m so much stronger than I thought and maybe my biggest lesson: there is more to life than work. I was a huge workaholic. (Image how I felt without the Communication Professional role. 😉 ) I rediscovered my passion for writing. Things will look up again.
        @The others: It’s great to read about your “one word” too!

    • #Chuffed – haven’t heard that word in ages – but it is a goodie!! *heads over to check out your recipe*..

      TY for participating in this activity Marie 🙂

      Much appreciated !


    • Great word… I hope I didn’t clean the glass so well that you walked into my sliding door on entry because you couldn’t see it!!

      Wonderful to meet you, and thanks so much for choosing to participate in this activity 🙂


  9. Acceptance…
    This past week I’ve experienced the most stress I have ever felt in my life. Moving house, having to pay for things I should have paid for previously and having to sit next to the most irritating person at work. I think reaching crescendo levels of anxiety can create the adverse affect. Accepting that there are things I just cannot make happen or change made me feel strangely calm. My attitude is that of defiance, whatever happens happens. I have to accept my mistakes (God knows I’ve made a lot of them) and take responsibility for my actions. Wear my big girl panties and move it along already – thats what I say Miss Lou

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  11. Ambivalent
    Last week went well both as a blogger and a student; got some likes, got some followers and found some to follow and I topped in a test, only guy with 100% score 🙂 Something happened that I’m upset and angry about and I’m writing about it now; it’ll be a few days before I post it and I may or may not send it to you before posting.
    If it’s not too late then I’ll comment the link in tthis thread.

    Although I follow many blogs, I regularly read posts of a few no matter how busy I am. I read all but yours and was thinking it’s been a long time since you posted (generally if I don’t see these peoples’ latest posts for more than, let’s say, 48 hours, I think why hasn’t she/he posted yet, is everything alright?) and I found this post. This also adds to the happiness.
    – Baba

  12. Grateful – thinking about all of the people I am happy to have in my life that help me through the tough times, and all of the things I am proud of.

    • #Grateful – Beautiful word. It is sometimes very difficult for us to look around and identify those thing we are truly blessed to have. When things get difficult and we can feel overwhelmed it really helps to have this ability 🙂 thanks for sharing.


  13. Anxious (the good kind). I’m kinda dancing between making a proper start to the second play of my course, and not making a proper start. So I’m knitting instead 🙂

      • Haha, yay bananas indeed! Funnily enough, I had planned tomorrow’s post involving something vaguely craft-related… 🙂 I might actually make the craft thing a series, because I kinda have a lot I’ve either made in the last few months, or making. Decisions decisions…

      • A craft series would be #Awesome. I totally encourage you!

        Some of your posts could even be journeys – kinda like taking us through the creation experience with you as you go from start to finish yea?

  14. Irritable. I wish I wasn’t and I’m not sure entirely why I am. Perhaps it’s because I just am an irritable person (I have been for many years) or maybe my new medication is making me especially sensitive. X

    • It’s amazing the effect that medication can have on the way we feel!!

      I find exercise helps with anxiety, though there are times that nothing seems to help…

  15. Tired.

    Why? I’ve been up since 3a.m., hiked into the mountains to set up on an exposed ledge, braving 30-50 mile per hour winds in order to make a photograph. 😀

    • #Content – Great way to feel at any time. 🙂 feel free to put in a link to one of your recent posts if it relates to your content’ness’ 🙂


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