Ode to Crap

Ode to Crap


You are found everywhere,

We produce tons of you

Both physically and literally.


You exist in bucket fulls

A much maligned part of our world

We are all responsible there’s no shirking that.


Sometimes my words reflect you clearly

You are easily spotted, look, don’t smell

You leave a brown stain wherever you go.


There are days when I feel crap,

And it’s probably unfair to relate

When it’s my fault not yours.


Its not your responsibility that society

Has labelled you in such a derogative way

When you are only doing the business.


I imagine you have an inferiority complex

As a result of generations of bad press

After all who ever heard of good crap?


As you are a necessary crucial function

I am sympathetic, I want to reach out

Comfort you, show you I care.


Of course as you and I both know

Others have their own perceptions of you

It is after all my crap that doesn’t stink!!


By Michael from summerstommy.com

49 responses to “Ode to Crap

  1. The poem and the comments here are fabulous. How could a poem like this and subject matter not incite such funny afterthoughts. I especially laughed at the first comment and summerstommy2 i am seeing a different side you now..LOLOL

  2. I’m not going to lie to you here – I have really good poops sometimes. So does my cat. For instance, the very first poop after you’ve finally gotten over food poisoning? That is a good one.

  3. Politicians have been producing it for years. 🙂 Love it and may I say, ‘That which we call crap. By any other name would smell as sweet.’

  4. wow your blog is so professional. and its amazing how many followers and vies you have!

    I think I could learn one thing or another from you. No, actually i could learn 1000 things from you! your blog looks amazing!

    • That’s very kind, Thank you. I’m not so sure why I have as many followers as I do – as I am a self confessed blogging slacker, though when I am here I do LOVE to interact with my community and read about the things they have been up to. Interaction really helps with building a supportive reader base 🙂

      As for this post – it Belongs to Michael, my first ever guest author and it is fabulous!

      To start off your interactions, and build your own community, you could visit him here: http://summerstommy.com/

      Thanks so much for dropping by 🙂


  5. That is so funny and how true that we label them that way. I think they are under appreciated. You know, for certain people seeing them coming once a day is a real reward! There are drug companies invent drug just for that too!

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