Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’…

Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’…

Just No.

Rollin Rollin

There’s no toilet paper and no replacements in sight.

Now what?

Put your faith in the goodness of human kind and ask someone to help you?

Of course, this is not an option if you are home, alone; BUT it works fine in a public restroom, especially if it is crowded with lots of people.

Many wads of single sheet HPTC** Loo paper has been shared between occupiers of public lavatories.

HPTC** – High Poke Through Count

Fear of public toilets, like me? Love to hear about it here…

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44 responses to “Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’…

    • Aww *hugs* busy , busy… Soccer just started, and football and athletics and I coordinate one of the Junior teams for AFL so my time is totally monopolized by sport right now!!! Thanks so much for asking! Hope you are well. Xox

      • So no Miss Lou, but Miss Sporty at the moment. 🙂 Sounds very busy indeed, but also like a fun thing to do. I see you when… I see you.

        Do you also give some online bootcamp training for your followers? “Give me 50 push up, come on you lazy @#$%” *Lol*

      • Please do! Ha ha. One of my followers asked me to join her team at the mud race. And guess what I said. “Yup, I will be part of your team.” OMG have to crawl through muddy tunnels, go through a bath with sticky substance, jump over a fence etc. Why the HELL did I say yes ha ha.

      • Finally an opportunity to post DIRTY pictures of me. If I can come up with a great title, men will be looking. Think that they will find a naked woman, but they will get a really dirty one instead. Ha ha.

        It gives a new dimension to “Dirty talk”

  1. hello miss lou its dennis the vizsla dog hay pleezd to mayk yore akwayntinse!!! hmm i cannot say this has ever happend to me but then agin i am a dog and of korse we dogs do not yooze sutch things as toilet payper!!! mostly!!! eksept for the last week or so of his life my brother tucker the other vizsla dog wuz gitting his bottom wiped but mama and dada did that for him so he never had to wurry abowt ware the toilet payper wuz going to come frum!!! ok bye

  2. Right now, I’m living in Panama as an exchange student. One of the first things you learn while traveling in a Central American country is to always have small change in your pockets to pay for the bathrooms that are guarded by the locals. The fee––usually 25-35¢––will cover entrance to the toilets and sometimes entitles you to a thick wad of toilet paper too. If the toilets are unguarded against tourists with small bladders, they can be lacking TP, so bringing your own wad, along with a quarter and dime, is just good sense. : )

    • LMAO….. just imagine screaming out to someone.. anyone asking for toilet paper supplies *groans*

      Moderately embarrassing!


      *cringes thinking about it*

  3. I am glad to eventually have had the sense to find my way here.
    This seems to happen these days.
    I forget people I meet on here ACTUALLY have blogs?? – who woulda thought? (neh – not really – just can’t keep up sometimes, I imagine you relate) –

    And a very splendid blog you have dear lady lou 😀

  4. Again a foreign country = pay to use facility, buy paper, dirty hands, not sure of paper, no thanks! Had to take our own paper everywehere we went, seat overs too. Forewarned so we knew what to expect. All I can say is UGH!

  5. Foreign country. Urgent! No toilet. Very urgent!! Got toilet. No latch! Very very urgent!!! Nvm latch. Figure a way! Very very very urgent!!!! No paper. No roll. No help. No nothing! Arrrrgh!!!! Use imagination, enug said!

      • Wanna make it worse? This is not an isolated hell hole. It is in a huge, crowded shopping complex. Very crowded with people milling outside the door and trying to get in. Asked for help? Don’t think anyone will understand your language. Ha ha. Nightmares are made of these 🙂

      • I had a very similar experience in Penang – KOMTAR high rise massive shopping centre!

        I could not believe how filthy they were. *shudders*
        and lol @ not being able to ask for help (’cause no body would have any idea what you were saying!)

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