Oscars Celebration!

Introducing Oscar

Here’s Julia with ‘Oscar’ the saltwater crocodile, named by ME! #RidiculouslyExcited #WildLegacy

Julia and Oscar

#OscarTheCroc will be on Smith St Mall tomorrow at 11am to celebrate Parks Week by participating in his very own #OscarsCeremony in Darwin, Northern Territory. (located in Australia for those of my readers from O/S).

Parks Week runs from the 3rd to the 9th of March and is an annual campaign that promotes the values of parks to the wider community.

This year’s theme is ‘Connect with Nature’, which encourages the community to get outside, make the most of our beautiful parks, and connect with different aspects of the natural world.

Australia is a photographers paradise!!

Have you been to Australia?



Why or why not?

I’d love to hear about your experiences!

Oscar The Croc

*Photos belong to ABC 105.7 

*Information about Parks Weeks sourced from NT Parks and Wildlife

68 responses to “Oscars Celebration!

  1. Nope, haven’t been and I don’t think it will happen, at leat not soon. It is soooo far away and we all hear what kind of wildlife you have there 😉 But I would love to see the Sydney Opera house, sooooo… Hm.hm.

      • Will do… 🙂 And you have time until 14th to participate in my challenge any way you want, comment or post. 😉 Just a quickly reminder since I see you are liking the posts

        Ok I just clicked on the link, I’m fine with the photos of Opera 😀

      • I’m struggling a little bit with everyone sick in my house except me at the moment.. though still have my draft of my favourite birthday in my collection for your blog – my 21st.. lol

        I’ll get there 🙂


    • Makes me sad that you don’t think you will ever get the opportunity to travel over this way 🙂

      Our family has been reading a book recently, called Total Money Make Over – by Dave Ramsey. Whether you have a lot of money or a little it has some fantastic suggestions for how to become debt free and better manage our money…

      Highly recommend it, I might blog about it actually, it has been a great eye opening experience.


      • We have actually listen to his cds. I have yet to read the book though. Thanks for the recommendation.

        As for traveling, it’s hard to think about ever having extra money to splurge on something like a vacation. Now a missions trip…that would be an awesome experience and I would be up for going with a group and raising funds to go. Our church is hoping to be able to do short term missions out of country. Hopefully we will have the opportunity to join one.

        But for now I am content to stay where I am and save money. 🙂

        🙂 RMR 🙂

      • Our Church does mission trips to Cambodia and East Timor. – Such a feeling of accomplishment even though I have not actually attended one…

        Just knowing that a difference is being made – with the experience providing lots of learning for both the people there and those that attend.

        Thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. Hey there Miss Lou. First of all, great name for the crock. Seems to suit so well.
    Yes, I’ve been to Australia. Was there in 2008 with my hubby and 16 month old. I did a music course in Perth with Institute of the Nations, which is provided by Youth With a Mission. Was there for three months. Unfortunately it was during the winter. Brrrrrrr, cold.

    • That sounds like an amazing and very rewarding trip Staci. Are you involved with youth with a mission? I’d love to see some more information… Some people from my local church have been involved with YWAM numerous times. Wherever they have provided testimony about their experiences it has been very moving. #Amazing #LifeChanging.

      • Hey there. I have been with YWAM since 2000. I started out in Hong Kong and during that time was in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Mainland China. That took about a year. During that time I really sensed that God was leading me to Brazil. So I started to learn Portuguese while in China and then continued after returning to Canada for a year. Moved to Brazil in May 2002, married here and we have been in YWAM together since then. So since then we have been to Argentina, USA, Germany, Afghanistan, India, Turkey, Australia and I think that’s it. There’s a section in my blog on YWAM, which would direct you to YWAM’s main site. We have always worked in the area of the arts (performing, creating, training). We have started a film production company/ministry called, “Ponte Filmes”. If you’d like to see a bit about that you can do so here: http://stacilys.wordpress.com/ponte-films/. We’re in the post production phase of our second feature length film, which is to be released in May just in time for the world cup. It is to combat the issue of human sex trafficking and tourism.
        I’m so glad you’re interested in YWAM. Have you ever considered getting involved yourself?

      • Hey Staci, sorry about the delay in response, and thanks so much for taking the time to provide me with that fantastic information.

        I did a research project on the sexual trafficking of women and children several years ago (crying most of the time) and am very interested in seeing the film you are in the process of making to combat it.

        I have considered involvement, though at 35, a single parent with 2 children and working and studying full time I had to make some choices about cutting back on the level of work and involvement I had in certain things. I am trying to manage things as best I can, while making sure that health and the children’s well being are first priority.

        Right now – I just do not have the time.

        Your adventures, particularly in doing what God has called you to do have been amazing 🙂 Thanks again for sharing


      • Hi ML. Thank you so much for sharing this with me. I totally hear you when it comes to making your children first priority. I have been with YWAM for 14 years now and I always used to think that my kids were going to go wherever I went. That they’d live out of a suitcase with me, so to speak. My son lived in 4 continents by the time he was 2. Just last year, at 6 we learned that he has Asperger’s syndrome. He really needed some stability in his life. So, for now I am more than happy that my hubby travels here there and everywhere, while I stay home and invest in my little disciples. We’re still with YWAM, but we don’t live on our home base. We live far from it actually. We operate our media and video production office close to 900 km from our home base, but we’re still connected to them. As for now, in this phase of my life, I work more internally. Translation and some administrative stuff. Plus I have my blog, which I like to consider my creativity cupboard.

        I love that you did a research paper on sexual trafficking of women and children. Do you still have it. If you don’t mind, I’d love to read what you wrote up on it. I would also be crying most of the time too.

        Many blessing Miss Lou =)

  3. Spent two weeks in Australia back in ’89 (I arrived via a rather large ‘yacht’ It was haze gray and had guns poking out from it). First week was spent in Sydney and then we steamed up to Cairns. The folks in both places made us feel most welcome, which was something we were not accustomed to feeling at other ports in the Pacific. Very fond memories.

    • So glad you enjoyed your time in Australia! Cairns is a beautiful city and I recall visiting in 88 on a drive around holiday – we lived in Adelaide at that point so it was a looong drive… Great memories also.. 🙂

  4. That is so cool! So now Oscar is your adoption Croc at least a little bit.
    Nope have not been to Australia, because erm… I think because it is so far away. At least from the Netherlands it is.

  5. I hate to say it, as it might be offensive, but I’ve no desire to go to Australia. It looks hot. I hate to be hot. Mind you, I enjoy my Australian friends and bloggers, but I’ve yet to see an Australian landscape I could imagine myself enjoying.
    Love the baby crocodile — though I don’t miss the gators in Georgia. Can’t say they make good neighbors! Tee-hee!

    • I don’t watch the Oscars either… this post is about #OscarTheCroc … My #WildLegacy …. Lol

      Thanks for dropping by Victoria, great to meet you 🙂

  6. Oscar looks pretty cute. I’d much rather watch him than those wanna-be oscars. Is really rather hear about Parks week than suffer through a week of analysis of who didn’t win what Oscar. Thanks for sharing the real deal.

    • Well… My favorite Radio Station – 105.7 (Local ABC) put up a post on Facebook as part of their media coverage on the Nothern Territory Parks and Wildlife guest appearance – they were asking for people to suggest names. I got in first with Oscar 🙂

      Its my #WildLegacy


      Taking the children in tomorrow to have some pictures taken with him #RidiculouslyExcited

      • Ah, well, that is exciting and a wonderful legacy. A wild card legacy ;). Post tomorrow, please, and show us your ridiculous excitement over the Oscar Oscars.

  7. Miss Lou, someday, I would like to visit. But no spiders, no jellyfish, no crocs, no great whites and no crazy sheilas need hold their breath. It won’t be soon! More’s the pity. 🙂 Brenda

    • LOL *chuckles*


      Be sure to let me know if you do, I’ll be happy to take you out to catch some Barramundi and feed some crocs some chickens!

      • We have gators in the bayou, baby. Every once in a while, there’s one found in a creek this far north (released by some crazy exotic-pet-owning lunatic. Was that redundant? I think not.) LOL I fed chickens to 900 lb tigers once. One sprayed me, which quite impressed my siamese cat when I got home. He was thoroughly freaked. Have no earthly idea what a Barramundi is. I’m too tired to google it.

  8. I’d love to head there but what about those box jelly fish.. I’ve seen documentaries about them… Yikes:)

    • Yes well.. there is those Box Jelly Fishies – BUT no one goes swimming in the ocean here – at least not during the wet season (Months October through until May)…

      We also have – Crocodiles, Great White, King Brown Snake….

      Amazingly many of us Australians manage to make it through the day without being chomped on by any of them… lol

      • I watch this animal channel thing they always show these massive spiders living in your houses… Have you ever seen a iricanji box jellyfish.. You Australians are one tough lot… Tell me you don’t say… That’s not a knife.. This is a knife 🙂

      • LOL Juan… *giggling*.. Oh my goodness… I swear I have never said that!

        We have huntsman’s with legs the size of drumsticks (true Story) – I have pictures and everything.. lol

        I have heard of the Iricanji Jellyfish – though thankfully have not seen one – SO SMALL yet SO deadly!! – for comment readers – check them out here:

      • What is a huntsman… If it’s a spider you Australians are a tough breed.. What ever happened to Crocodile Dundee.. Paul what’s his name.? Btw your blog has matured and I’m totally impressed…

      • Paul Hogan… lol and you told me last time it had matured! I am feeling like the Cheddar of the 1800’s *giggling*….

      • If Cate Blanchett doesn’t win for Blue Jasmine I will never see another Oscar show till next year… She was so good! Isn’t she from your neck of the world… Tell me you support her.. Not that no talent what’s her beak…

      • I do love Kate Blanchette and yes, she is an Aussie 🙂

        I have not seen the Movie Blue Jasmine. Initially because I just had not had the chance, though I am currently not planning on seeing it due to the actions of Woody Allen in relation to the alleged sexual abuse of his step daughter, Dylan Farrow.

        In my mind I can’t work out whether or not it does or does not make sense, but now that I know the story i just can’t bring myself to watch anything with him, or produced by him….

      • He’s a piece of…. I saw Gravity and somehow Sandra what’s her beak and make it to 3 space stations and then to Earth because Angel George Clooney helped her….. Please… I’d rather see the Lego Movie… This had to be the worst Oscar award show with Ellen…

      • I haven’t watched the Oscars – and probably wont take the time… I also have my own #OscarsCeremony to attend tomorrow morning with #OscarTheCroc, remember… lol

        I love Sandra Whatsherbe… Bullock.. lol. I have seen Gravity and did not enjoy it as much as I thought I might. However I loved the Proposal, so all is forgiven..

        I also Love Love Love Ellen (Lots of Love Flying around in here) lol… might catch some glimpses of the show on you tube perhaps.. 🙂


      • I was a Lego-holic but if they can make a plot out of a red narrow block then maybe they deserve an award.. A plot high point would be stepping on one… If I had young ones is go… Shhh that would be my excuse….

      • Ouch! Have done that many many many times (and cried)

        I brought the Chima episodes for Cammy Woo though itunes and he loves them. I was impressed at the messages and quality 🙂

      • How about the tiny Lego in the vacuum..? It’s 8pm on Sunday.. What’s tomorrow like there? Are the kids at school? So if you wanted to do yesterday over again you could fly back here huh… Oh that doesn’t work.. I’m simple

      • One of the children is at School – Cammy. Kotah is at home with me – quite sick with a Viral Infection that could be a prelude to a bacterial infection any day now according to the doctor).

        Currently 1:46pm here right now. We also had a Measles Scare on the weekend, so was quarantined.. lol

        Pretty much would not want to do yesterday all over.. lol Thank goodness it is out of the way!!

      • Yeah they had a measles thing here too… I love the name Kotah… Sounds American Indian… Oh wonderful Gravity won another award… As long as Her doesn’t… The worst movie yet everyone loved it… Could they have made what’s his beak Phoenix anymore wimpy?

      • And yes – it is a spider,,, a big hairy mostly 8 legged one – sometimes less if you managed to whack the others ones off with a shoe as it is trying to escape… lol

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