Breakfast at our house.

In less than 2 weeks, we have gone from taking NO medication to this.

Breakfast at our house

‪#‎KeepSickKidsANDAdultsHome‬ ‪#‎3amEmergencyVisits‬


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109 responses to “Pooped!

  1. Hi Miss Lou, Thanks for the follow 🙂 Am enjoying your blog, and the minions in the background! Want to give the pie recipe a go too. Hope you’re feeling better soon, FFx

    • Thanks so much FFx 🙂 I hope so too! One of the children went back to school today – so very much feeling blessed about that. One still to recover, but it is lovely to have mum and son time 🙂

      You’re a fan of minions as well? They are Onyons aren’t they!!

      The pies are and were delicious. Let me know when you are about to start and I will say a prayer for you.. lol

      I see that you are from Tasmania. I love Tasmania – one of the most beautiful places in the world…


  2. Hello, Lou. Thank you for stopping by. Sorry about your breakfast, but it’s great that you have the strength to write and inspire the world. I’m looking forward to some of those long-winded conversations about life.

    • I dunno how inspiring this particular post was.. lol but thanks so much for your kind words…

      I’ve just finished going through your post on spammers.. lol and couldn’t help but have a bit of a chuckle…

      BTW, Our electricity bill in my house (not including the water) is about $3300 every three months – I often wonder whether or not the neighbours are all stealing our electricity some how.. lol

      Thanks for dropping by!


  3. Get better soon!!! Take probiotics with all those antibiotics! You need some friendly flora – or something like that – I don’t know, GTS it (that’s what my hubby says not – Just Google That Shit….)

  4. How awful 😦 I had 3 children succumbing consecutively to Chicken Pox one Christmas holidays – was a blur of misery and exhaustion!

    Sending good-health karma your way 🙂

    • No – he was Indian – and fantastic. He is a wonderful doctor who really knows his stuff! We waited for over a week for the viral infections to go away before getting any medication – (except paracetamol to help with fever)

      Kotah, my almost 10 year old has made it her mini mission to get to Paris, France before she is 14.. lol

      I’ve heard the health system in France is quite good. Has that been your experience?


  5. Oh, feel better soon! For adults, I recommend warm honey and lemon with a shot of whiskey. For kids, the same minus the whiskey. LOTS of fluids for all.

  6. Vicks Vapor Rub on the feet then socks then into bed…trust me
    Chicken soup
    Vit C
    Honey and lemon tea

  7. 😦 😦 😦 I know the laundry/rain scenario so well; it’s one of the laws of lavendering (aka laundry)….but the rest of your misery is now a distant nightmare for me, thank goodness. We grow out of some things, but never our laundry trials. They are inescapable. Hugs from a safe distance.

  8. When it rains, it pours. Especially on the laundry. Poor Miss Lou, I hope everyone is better soon. Emergency room visits are no fun.

  9. Are you sure you aren’t a tester for a large drug company? If you’re sick for sure stay at home… And keep the kids home…

    • Measles Scare (last weekend), Vaccination (and reactions) for me…

      First, Viral infection, then secondary Bacterial Infection, then Ear infections x 2 & Tonsilitis – Kotah (9yrs) – off school for 7 days now, started antibiotics 3 days ago (some improvement)

      Croup & Tonsilitis – Woo Woo (7yrs) Immediately on Steroids (visit to emergency @ 3am) and antibiotics

      Joost (my bestie) – Viral infection, secondary bacterial infection, Tonsilitis.

      Everyone is home sick.

      On top of that, I’ve had work (which doesn’t work when you have sick children at home)

      and soccer,

      and football,

      AND #OscarTheCrocs naming ceremony…

      I finally got laundry done. I pegged it out and then it rained.

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