Turning 21 (Fourteen Years Ago)

Turning 21

 (Fourteen Years, Four Months and Nine Days Ago)

Well you see, I had one (1) Glass of champagne and what happened was…

Miss Lou 21st Birthday Lush

And then this…

(That thing was almost 4.5 feet off the ground and I jumped over it)


And this…


This was part of Iva’s Awesome Birthday Challenge

Ivas Birthday Challenge

69 responses to “Turning 21 (Fourteen Years Ago)

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  2. I was dressed as Dorothy from Wizard of Oz, my friend as a Munchkin and my boyfriend as Scarecrow, and we skipped all the way home. I honestly believe I would do that sober, too 🙂

  3. At least you have photos of yours. I remember my 21st, hmm 41 years ago in December. I drank a bottle of white rum and slept through a cyclone. It was a blast, apparently. 🙂

  4. happy birthday fellow Pisces!

    just saw your lovely comment over at gallivanta’s place and came to visit.

    _teamgloria (sophia stuart: how to stay sane in a crazy world)

    • I have no doubt you would have Professor!!

      This was 1999, would you have got PICTURES of jumping over said globe eh?


      Proof is in the… Picture.. eh eh… lol


  5. The fact that you digg out those photos AND that choice of fashion for me and my challenge… 😀 Feelings man, feelings…

    Mine 21 was 5 years ago and frankly I don’t remember it, I guess that is when I stopped celebrating my birthdays. But I do remember my 18th birthday very vividly – you see we are considered adults at 18 and not 21 so I wore of my party vibe (especially when considered that I’ve started with 16 – but shhhhhhhh 😉 ) That was actually LATE, since my peers were partying and heavily drinking from the end of elementary school (13,14 yo), so I was considered a good kid. 😀

  6. almost the same time i turned 21. it was all a blur

    even back then i wouldn’t have been able to jump through that thing

  7. What can I say? …except, just as well I don’t have photos of my 25th which involved more than one extra glass of champagne. Of course, when you turn 21 again, we will expect a repeat of this performance. You may need more than one glass of champagne to assist you. 😉

    • LOL!! #Remarkable….

      At 2100021 one would really define the term fossil eh! – Somehow, I just don’t think you are there yet!


      • Did your children get better finally? How about you and hubby? Epidemic snakes and spiders.. I love Australia..

      • Kotah is better and went back to school today. I am wonderful – and I do not have a husband, but I’m sure my future husband, whoever, and wherever he may be is fine too.. lol

        Cameron is worse and stayed home with me…

        I love Australia!

      • You ever seen one of those totally deadly brown snakes. I watch these nature shows about Australia and they talk about these totally deadly snakes live in hi rise buildings and pay association fees… Well maybe not fees but they slip and slide all over australia

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