Thumbs Down

Thumbs Down

Immaturely, I’m experiencing a moment where I’m wishing there was a thumbs down icon at the bottom of posts and comments in Facebook


I just resorted to doing this:


65 responses to “Thumbs Down

    • That’s definitely something to consider. I have on numerous occasions, deactivated my account. Sometimes life is far too busy to keep up with social media!

    • This is people I do not know making comments, Irene. I subscribe to many news pages and other community resource pages.

      Admittedly, I rarely find myself affected by such comments, finding it easy to brush them off, or disregard them as I read over other information.

      These comments are actually quite common in such pages and no different than any other time really – it was my own reaction which was unexpected.. lol

      Rather than conducting a long drawn out debate, I resorted to this:

      #ThumbsDown and then blocked them.. lol

    • I suppose any kind of commentary, in any social media platform – though the comments responsible for this immature spat on my behalf was aimed at asylum seekers and saying they deserved to drown – and anything else they get if they try to enter another country illegally.

      Aside from the fact that it is NOT illegal to seek asylum, I was finding it difficult to comprehend how anyone can wish the death of another person. This without that person having done anything to them, without them even knowing the person.

      Just scary, and ridiculous, mostly.. scary.


  1. I gave FB and Twitter a big Thumbs Down and closed both accounts…LOL Now I wish WP had a block button! Ugh!

    • Lol WordPress does have a block button.. Lol

      I’ve deactivated my Facebook account a few times, particularly if I’ve been busy with work and was feeling pressured to keep up.. #TooHard

      • Ok girl, I’m talking about blocking these trolls here…LOL FB is a joke and not worth my time! Bah humbug!

      • LOL… There is what seems like a never ending supply of trolling trolls….

        I’m not ready to cut ties with my Facebook yet… Few more trolls before I reach my ‘had it up to here quota’ lol

      • When you’ve had enough, you’ll know it…LOL trolls are a part of social media life. Sigh….

      • I know *slumps* alas, I have a whole cyber freezer FULL of cactus stuffed lake trout to slap them with if they get out of hand..

      • Well now your talkin….LOL That’s funny. I just had a visual of you slapping them with trout! Hahaha!

  2. Agreed! I’ll jump on the immaturity wagon and also say there should be the follow buttons for Facebook:
    ~you suck
    ~please refrain from ever speaking your opinion again
    ~why am I friends with you
    ~your political views are annoying
    ….I could go on.

  3. I suspect that will not be so popular. I ran into one discussion forum out there that supported both options (thumb up and down). Now, only thumb up option is available. πŸ™‚

    • I think you are right – and honestly I don’t think it is a great idea, kind of like encouraging trolls.. (not that they need any encouragement)

      I just resorted to writing #ThumbsDown to get my point across, cause I couldn’t be bothered even trying to have a conversation!

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