Does anyone else have this problem?

I don’t get into my blogging community as much as I would like. Once a week if I am lucky, sometimes once every 3 – 4 weeks.

When I do, my screen tends to look like this quickly;

Fifty One (51) Posts open at one time.

 Flicking from one to the other.

I see a fantastic comment, race off to view another blog, find another great comment, which links up to another great blog post.

Then of course, an email arrives for some committee or another and I’m back to official business.

The times I DO get here, combined across posts and my work load I often have no less that 100 windows open on my screen at any given time across a range of applications.

Thankfully I have a 50 inch monitor.

Working Space

This method of Post surfing does not work on the 22 inch monitor.

58 responses to “Productive?

  1. I regularly have several tabs and windows open. I use Firefox, and I wish there were a serious alternative because it crashes often. Then when I restart it, it tells me, “Well, this is embarassing. It seems we crashed unexpectedly…” . Yeah, you seem to be embarrased quite often, you lousy little…

    • Lolol. I find Google chrome operates very well with my habit of working with many tabs open! I used to use Firefox, though had the same issue your describing!!

  2. Oh, this is nothing. I regularly have at least 50 tabs open at once. Thankfully, I use Firefox, and Firefox lets me scroll through my tabs properly (plus a few add-ons which make tab management easier), unlike Chrome.
    Twisted Sifter tends to be pretty bad for this kind of tab accumulation.

      • Yes, Keith, I have had many a fellow blogger share that exact advice.. Lol

        Much to all of your frustration, no doubt, I stubbornly continue to utilise chrome, preferring it aesthetically over Firefox.

        On the upside, I don’t utilise internet explorer, hopefully that’ll win me some points… Lol


  3. haha! story of my life!
    Btw, i’ll have to try some of those suggestions above (joining communities, etc). Awesome! =)

    • LOL #YayBananas – another blogging buddy who can relate…

      Yes, they really do assist when it comes to building up your own community….

      Thanks for dropping by 🙂


  4. I would imagine not – it would be more than a ‘little’ squishy on a smaller screen. I’ve been lucky so far that I’ve the time to post etc and my other work has fitted in round the edges.

    But we are now coming up to some rather busy times with some of the groups I work with so I think I’ll soon start feeling the pressure.

    It’s good hearing from you when you have the time to post so will keep eyes open for next installment from Miss Lou.

    • Well semantically speaking , never at exactly the same time, but I’ve learnt to efficiently open one so I don’t loose it, then work through them systematically, until I’m interrupted by something else more pressing!

      • That’s the thing.. I feel like NEEEEEED them all at exactly the same time.. lol


        I went and got an additional 2GIG of RAM recently – it helps to keep my puter speedy gonzales!

  5. Oh, I couldn’t do that. I’d be reading your blog and writing the comments in reply to my bosses email. I sneak a look at the reader on my iPad or at lunch or (now) while riding exercise bike.

  6. 50″ monitor/TV? Seriously? When some of us make do with a 17″ laptop screen? I know they say it’s not the size that matters, but right now I’m jealous 😦
    Oh yeah, that sub-woofer should really be on a floor 🙂

    • LOL, #MonitorEnvy eh?


      Thanks so much for your endearing sub woofer positioning advice.

      I’m not paying for that, by the way, even though I will possibly put it on the floor as a result :p



      P.s: There is nothing wrong with 17″ screens.. they fit much better on tray tables of aircraft 🙂

  7. at 50 inches that is a TV and no longer just a monitor, lol. I do something similar but usually only 3 or 4 at a time. (What do you do that requires such a large screen?)

    • It is actually a television – 🙂 Though has not been used as one for about 2 years.

      I usually work on a great deal of policy development and action tables for committees – which often requires me to have multiple documents open at the same time to ensure I’m referring to them as efficiently as possible. Opening and closing them took donkeys years!

      When I first began using the screen as a monitor I was also utilising SharePoint and Microsoft Office Project for the purpose of Historical Data Management (not typical use) with the hyper-linking of so much Objective Qualifying Evidence I would consistently have more than 50 windows open at any given time.

      Bigger screen makes it easier for me. 2 of them – that would be ideal.. ALAS the 2 screen set up was what I was working with previously and it definitely helps 🙂


  8. Ha!
    I wish!
    No , I sit there waiting.
    Refreshing my browser every now and then just in case. In case someone, anyone left a comment that hasn’t posted yet.
    Ok, yes it’s true that I just started blogging about a month ago but it’s lonely in my little world.
    I do have a blog post blowing up right now. Over 100 views on a couple of hours. (That’s an atomic explosion for me) Only ONE comment though.
    How do I get people to comment. This is one I would expect more comments on.
    Any advice?
    If you get time, come visit and look at “The Wheelchair Princess” and tell me what I need to be doing differently??

    • Tamara, apologies for the delay in direct response, I have just got home from gathering my own precious bundles from their day of school!

      I have just read your latest post – ‘The Wheelchair Princess’. (

      I cried.

      I am not suprised that you have had such a bunch of readers come through after you have shared such a personally moving story.

      My advice is this (and don;t take it as gospel, because honestly, life steals me away often and lots and I sometimes do not get in here more than once every 3/4 weeks.);

      – If and when you have the time, go tag surfing – for example, I regularly search for posts that have the tag ‘Family’ or ‘Anxiety’ I read through various posts and then leave comments and follow if I relate to the content.

      – Try to leave meaningful and genuine comments – they do not have to be long.

      Spend some time going through your reader as well, looking at the posts of the people you follow and leave comments when something grabs your interest – once again comments don’t have to long or drawn out, but it does demonstrate the time you have taken to read and time is precious – we can never get it back – so in my mind that is one of the most wonderful gifts that anyone can offer me 🙂

      Your writing is wonderful. Open honest, vulnerable – don’t change anything about it. It is perfect!

      The only change I would make, if I were you, is don’t sit waiting. If you want interaction you have to engage yourself in the work of others as well – that is how we create our communities 🙂

      Thanks so much for taking the time to drop by and comment, I hope I could help in some way…


      • Great advice. I have been reading a lot of the tagged blogs but not commenting much. I really don’t know why. I don’t comment at time when there are tons on comments already because it seems as if it would get lost in the crowd. I’m glad you enjoyed (not really right for that one) the post. She’s so precious and deserves so much more right now than I can give her.
        Thank you for the kind words and great advice!

      • 🙂 I often seek our new bloggers and provide some encouragement. 🙂 – just another way of building communication and community 🙂


      • It’s funny because an hour ago I was bored as usual and then got reblogged by a blogger with 62,000 followers and I’m going crazy trying to keep up! Lol be careful what you wish for and all that.

      • Miss Lou,
        This is wonderful advice, given thoughtfully and sincerely. Makes me happy to be part of your community.
        You Rock!

      • Sorry about the delay in response Lance (always lots of delayed comment apologies in my blog)

        Thanks for the kind words… like I said – don;t take my advice as gospel, because I am often not here. That is however what works for me, when I am trying to have meaningful interaction with others 🙂


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