Oh Crap!

Incy-wincy spider climbed up the bedroom wall…

OutΒ came the bug-spray and made poor Incy fall…

Off came the shoe and made poor Incy flat…

Cos Louella ain’t have’n none of that!


97 responses to “Critter!!

  1. Loved your version of “Spider”, Lou. I dislike the little buggers intensly. Don’t fear them but was bit by one once and got really sick, thus they forevermore became fair game for a flyswatter, shoe, or even a fist. This little poem was really fun. Thanks for visiting my site a while back. πŸ™‚

  2. Uh-oh! Seems the poor spider freaked you out at the time and you had no choice, but to send him to his early grave.
    I love spiders — not the poisonous ones. I “expect” that if they respect their boundaries, I will do the same.
    Beautiful how you wrote this down, Lou.

    • Although I tried to kill him, he actually appeared to have escaped.. Lol

      So now he is racing around my house some where and probably none too pleased!

  3. Poor spider – couldn’t you just trap it in a cup and release it back into the wild?! I admit to being biased – I love insects and animals. πŸ˜‰

    • I too love them.

      I have to be honest and say my irrational fear that it was going to bite my face in my sleep and send me into convulsions was dominant.

      At this stage, the spider is still running around our house. I’ve no idea where it is, or if it has gone to collate all of it’s relatives to come back and bite me cause I tried to spray it with Insect spray!

      It dropped down and ran off – I couldn’t find it anywhere!

      • Are you allergic to spider bites? Or just fearful of them? If you are allergic then maybe your fear is not so irrational after all.

      • No, as far I know, I have no allergy. Recently, however we had a lounge suite – set of four recliners delivered to our house. They originally came from Malaysia, and had not been removed from the packaging.

        We, wanting to allow the movers to get going stated we would do unpack and set up. We found that there were 4 spiders suspected to be native to the country and were quite concerned. These spiders however were black with bulbous shaped bodies and very very think legs. They moved ridiculously fast and we had them coming out of the unpacked seats for days. We finally bug sprayed every seat all over in an attempt to kill them all off.

        I know, however, that this spider was not one of those and it looks to me like a typical huntsman (though I could be wrong as I am not an expert).

  4. Hahahahaha! Spiders outdoors, I will leave alone, but spiders in the house are fair targets!

    • Yes I agree whole heartedly, and even if I didn’t I’m afraid my shoe would quickly develop a mind of it’s own!

      Thanks for dropping by and helping me to feel a bit better about my intent towards non rent paying spiders!


  5. Great writing! I don’t mean to judge Ma’am, but I’m pretty sure that the spider is more afraid of you than you are of it/he/she. After all, I am certain you are a few feet taller, so in the eyes of the spider you would be a giant. Besides, if the guy was a garden spider he/she could never have hurt you – just sweep him/her into a pan and toss ’em out.

    • LOL I am actually not responsible for the poem. It was written by a Facebook friend in series of comments. She was rather amused by the dilemma.

      *Reminds self to highlight the source

      I almost cried, but I was too busy screaming!! lol


  6. Ahahahaha! In one of the apartments I lived in, spiders were really bad. In the bathroom, there were a few and I made a deal with them. If they stayed in their hole I wouldn’t bother them, but if they came into my space, they would be removed in a flattened state. It worked out well for awhile then the guy moved into my space. Yup, he was flattened, lol.

    • *Huggles David*

      I know! I was thinking along the same lines.. does he have a wife spider? What about a mummy and daddy… brothers? Sisters? Aunties n Uncles? Oh crap x 10!! What is it they say – for every one you can see there are 100 you can’t see?

      Oh crap x 100!

      • That’s the thing, I didn’t get to whack it flat… I sprayed it, cause it was so high up, and then it dropped down. It was really angry (I could tell by the look on its massive face)… And it ran off, now I can’t find it…

        So, I have one very angry, ugly (don’t tell him I said so) spider racing around (probably with 8 legged limp) looking for revenge!

      • Your going to get my in trouble with my neighbours! I’ve already let out a blood curdling scream of spider induced shrieking shock… Now I’m going to keep them awake after midnight smashing shoes around in the name is spider squashing preparedness… Lol

        *grabs shoe and holds it close while preparing to sleep*

      • Hey! you’re doing them a free service! miss Lou pest control service, All you’ll need is shoe! πŸ˜›

        btw keep forgetting to tell you, I like your new gravatar! πŸ™‚

  7. Right on! Show that Nazi spider who’s boss!

    You did know that all spiders are Nazi’s right?

    • Lol Eric, I actually sprayed it cause it was too high, and then it got aggrivayed, dropped down and ran away (with an 8 legged limp) BUT I couldn’t find it any where.

      Now I have a pissy, drugged up spider trolloping around.. 😦 not good!

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