The 2002 Bali Bombings | My experience and my memories

This is the very personal account of Dr Gary Lum OM, in the aftermath of the Bali Bombings, where 202 people died and 209 people were injured.

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The Old Yummy Lummy

This post is not like my regular food posts. Today I’m recalling the memories and experiences from ten years ago. This post is by no means a complete recollection, I don’t want to bore you with minutiæ, it may not even be the highlights, it’s more likely the things that come to mind as I write. I’ve decided against including clinical images. I realise most readers of this blog prefer to see food rather than burnt and traumatised human flesh.

Saturday night 12 October 2002

I attended a dinner meeting of the then Australasian College of Health Service Executives (now the Australasian College of Health Service Management). It was a good night, I spent time with my friend and colleague, Dr Len Notaras plus many others. [That had been a good year. On 20 May, I accepted Len’s encouragement to act as the General Manager for the Royal Darwin Hospital

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