Hard Yakka!

Hard Yakka!

Our Gardener has taken a well earned break. We miss him alot. [Imagine Tropical Amazonian Forest here]

I’m heading out to Mow the lawns, trim edges and gather palm fronds before Soccer!

Wish me luck.

‪#‎HardYakka‬ ‪#‎SunSmartAvoidSunStroke‬ ‪#‎IHateThatPricklyTree‬

UPDATE 16 April 2014 1611hrs: 

Stabbed in neck, head and eye by Prickly Tree.

Very Big Nasty Prickly Tree

Just remembered it is better to trim edges and then Mow Lawns

Attacked by clan of vicious uppity quartz rocks living on the edge (literally, council strip)

Sprinkler head jumped out of the ground into the mower blades in an attempt to end its life.

#NeedCounselling #HardGig

 UPDATE 16 April 2014 1649hrs: 

Guzzled 2 litres of water

Politely asked (told) children to gather the Palm Fronds

Contracted Justin to empty Catcher into back of Garden Beds for Mulching.

Hunting for the saw to cut prickly trees arms off.

UPDATE 16 April 2014 2103hrs

Ha! Take that!

HA! Take that!

55 responses to “Hard Yakka!

    • It is a lovely plant.. not so much when you grab it around the branch trunk and realise it is covered in spikes…

      If I liked Gardening more, I would probably have taken the time to find out more about it (Prior to branch bear huggles) lol

  1. I swear you Australians have some of the most different plants I’ve seen.. A pink pokey plant.. Oh by the way this is omtatjuan in my new Encarnation:)

  2. Thanks for giving me an enjoyable start to my day. My brother covered his yard in Iowa with river-rock and mulch. He says the winter is too long and the summers are too hot to sustain grass without a lot of work and a lot of water. Maybe you should think of going that route as opposed to the military operation you’ve described here. Good to see that you survived 🙂

    • Honestly, we have absolutely no reason not to have a green grassy yard.

      We have a fully automated rectilation system that takes care of everything in terms of watering. It also rains 6 months of the year almost non stop – so no lack of water (that is for free)

      Our Gardener usually takes care of this business.

      As soon as he returns from his holiday, I am going to quit in protest!

    • A full body suit more like it!

      Damn prickly Tree!

      I cut its branches off with a saw… Much more friendly to work around now!



  3. Sounds like you need a good old Italian job. Go to yellow pages, search for “concretes”, pick a business with Italian name and ask them to come and completely concrete your property. Front yard, back yard, the lot.
    Problem solved 🙂

  4. I never liked gardening in Darwin. I grew to really dislike palm fronds. I’m sure one year during the wet season I could see the grass grow.

    • The kids don’t like the Palm fronds either. Lol

      During the wet (coming to the end of it now) we need to get the gardener around at least once a week… Probably do with once every 3/4 days but there’s no way I’m paying for that..

      • I also had a labrador retriever and his ability to digest food and produce waste was amazing. I’m happy in an apartment now.

      • We have a Black Labrador Retriever!! Halo. She is a Guide Dog. She hates to drink water, we have to soak her food in it to get her to have a drink morning and night.

        Her poo is like coal nuggets, which is great because that means it doesn’t splatter my legs when I run over it on the odd occasions I do mow the lawn..

      • I had a golden with one of those broad heads. He was magnificent. When nuggets get wet in the wet they don’t stay solid lol 🙂

      • I suppose you are right. We had Flame prior to Halo – she was a golden and her Poos were like massive Mountains experiencing landslides.

        The spatter of Mowing over those was not pretty.

        On the positive Side, you couldn’t see Flames Hair inside the house. You can see Halo’s hair absolutely everywhere. We purchased one of those Roomba critters $900 and it does a pretty fantastic job of sucking up most of her hair. That’s something that helps me maintain my sanity eh!

      • I totally recommend it. You can get it to race around cleaning up while you are at work during the day. When you get home, it’s like a maid has been!

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