Out of Order

Out of Order

I’m pretty sure it’s not supposed to happen like this.

Pretty sure it is not supposed to happen like this..

36 responses to “Out of Order

    • lol

      I found another Gardener and he just finished it all in 30 minutes with a ride on Lawnmower!~

      Obviously he knew what he was doing with the whipper snipper too. Got the ENTIRE yard done in like 3 minutes.

      Totally worth the $60 I paid him.

    • I know this sounds weird.

      I just Can’t.


      On the up side, After cutting my leg with the snipper, (right before I broke it) I called another gardener and begged for help and offered to pay through the nose.

      He is here right now sorting out the mess I made.


  1. Ok a stupid question:) Do you have to wind that mower thread counterclockwise wise in the Southern Hemisphere? Toilets flush the other way around as to opposed to here? Another thing… That picture of that spider… My God do they irradiate spiders there to make them bigger? Oh this is omtatjuan btw.. New incarnation yeseventhistoowipas.wordpress.com

    • I have no idea about the Mower Thread Omtatjuan! Which is why my snipper currently looks like this. πŸ˜›

      I’ve just followed your other bloggie πŸ™‚ Thank you for the reminder.

      Re the spider.. I KNOW RIGHT!

      • What is that about your spiders there.. Here in California a spider like that would require the national guard sent to kill it.. Tell me that’s some rare one!

      • No fairly common A huntsman πŸ™‚ They are everywhere. We see one every week or so. I accidentally killed one with babies before.. They ran everywhere!


      • I thought you live in a big city? You guys snakes there that just by them looking at you… You die… Don’t you have like harmless Koalas and Kiwis? A weed whacker with a cutter line is humanity’s weak point.. Here there everywhere…

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