Vacation, exploring Katherine Gorge


49 responses to “‘Gorge’ous

    • It was and is an absolutely stunning part of the Northern Territory or #TopEnd as many of us locals fondly refer to it as.

      That was just one of about 2000 pictures I took. There was something gorgeous and amazing to see at every turn!

      Thanks again for your visit and very kind comments πŸ™‚


  1. This definitely makes me miss home… Melbourne doesn’t quite have the some views… (Or the same peace & quiet for that matter).

    • I had no idea you had moved (this is what happens when I take a hiatus from my blog)..

      Ugh for Melbourne! What are you doing all the way down there?

      • Ah yes, I moved down in January, just before all the killer storms began, guess that is what I get for leaving! I’m definitely not here for the weather that’s for sure, university brings me this way, bogan-ing up classy Melbourne city πŸ˜›

      • LOL #LoveIt

        I’ve been to several of the universities in Melbourne (for conferences, mostly in child protection and the ‘Out of Home care Sector’ and I gotta tell yer.. It’s NOT my favorite place.. lol

        But, they did have awesome Hot Chocolate AND a great Zoo (which I now feel guilty for enjoying so much).. are you heading back up to Darwin for holidays?

      • If you aren’t careful you can find yourself suffocating in the pretentiousness πŸ˜› luckily the campus I am at is not the main campus, tis more casual.

        I will have to hit up the zoo, I haven’t done anything new residents / tourists do when they are in Melbourne. It’s a shame really. Do you recommend anything else (preferably things that are free ha!)? I might run a Google search “What to see in Melbourne… On a budget”.

        And hopefully I will be making it back in July and then again over Christmas! Haven’t booked flights yet for the mid-year trip, woops.

      • I haven’t been for such a long time, I am not sure… BUT one of my bestest friends was recently there and on a budget, so I will touch base with her and then report back πŸ™‚

      • On top of my list of places I wanted to visit or be stationed while serving in the military was Australia (and New Zealand); unfortunately that wish did not come true. It remains on my “bucket list”, however. This site is uplifting and refreshing, apparently a mirror of the author’s personality.
        Best Regards – Just an American

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