This one is for Jenni.

It was meant to be for the Weekend Funny Challenge.

I realised I had to do Humorous Prose as the theme, I got nervous, procrastinated, then totally piked.

Also this is a quirky fact for anyone that has ever given me an award.

Clearly I’ve stuffed my face full of worms – and someone sat there watching me do it.

*blank stares*

What is the most disgusting thing you have ever eaten?

Lou and the worms


63 responses to “Worms!

  1. Ah yes. I can remember wondering what my son was chewing on in the garden, then pulling the worm’s skin from my his mouth. Oh well. I suppose we all need a little protein!

    • Hehehehehehe…. lol

      I not so secretly agree that they are a fungus vegetable (not literally of course as they aren’t the same member as the mushies.. BUT you know what I mean.. lol)

      *shudders @ Brussel Sprouts*

  2. Well, I must have eaten (not on purpose) worms in my childhood because we were always dosed for worms. And the worming syrup was absolutely the most disgusting stuff I have ever eaten. Those worms you are enjoying would have been preferable. I have eaten grass; not disgusting, just bland and boring.

    • I remember having Combantrin on a regular basis to keep the critters away – hook worms I think they were called, but these are good ole garden mud pie worms lol, I think they got burnt up by stomach acid when they went down…


      I also had a taste for snails apparently! I did munch on grass a few times and I’ve got to say it was rather bland and I don’t think I could cope being a vegan!

      • No idea what we were given but Combantrin sounds like something I gave my children for a while. Do children still get de-wormed???

      • I, on occasion worm my entire family. Things like hook worm are so prevalent and when you think about kids going into the sand of playgrounds when cats and dogs could pee and.. well.. you know…

        I did it more when they were younger, though once a year is norm for our family. Just in case.

  3. Not sure about “disgusting” label, but things I’ve eaten that are not normally on a menu…..
    Dove – just wanted to try
    Snake – just wanted to try
    Beaver -I was hungry
    Bear -he attacked us, we had to kill him (and later eat)
    Dog -I was hungry

  4. First time EVER had a visual to the ‘think I’ll go eat worms’ scenario!! Good to know ‘first times’ are completely over lol

  5. You and Jenni could be a team. You in the city and her with a python on her roof looking out for a wayward possum. You two are a hardy lot! Non refrigerated yogurt Lasse in India.. It could have be Lassie because I became violently sick…

      • I wouldn’t be so concerned about the python living on my roof but the Brown poisonous snake or massive spider might send me running in terror.. You in the city only have to deal with Mel Gibson…. Too soon?

      • Well…. actually.. I live on the outskirts of Darwin (which is the smallest Capital City in Australia (population wise)
        We have King Brown Snakes, Cane Toads, Stingers, Crocodiles ( the freshies and the salties – which like to chomp human legs). We also have the mouse spider, the Reback Spider and variety of other not so friendly (but beautiful) wildlife trolloping all over the place…

        Have not seen Mel Gibson for a long time.. lol

      • I could deal with the spiders and snakes but I might use a long stick when dealing with a Mel.. He’s a persona non grata here.. In Hollywood.. You a Jenni live in the Bush.. What is that swamp outside of Darwin which is so scary?

      • hmmm The Mangroves? If you go in there bare foot you will end up with a holes through your feet, a massive Mudcrab on each butt cheek and your leg in a Saltwater crocodiles mouth!

      • I saw this thing on the history channel where this plane crashed in it during WWII with 45 men on it.. Months later only one guy made it out alive.. Where Jenni lives she has koalas living in her neighbors trees. I’ve only seen koalas in a zoo..

      • Do you two live in a wildlife park? I swear… If there was a brown snake seen around here they would call out the national guard… I didn’t know koalas can be irritable.

      • I never thought that of a koala.. Have you seen then out and about? How about a kangaroo?

      • Wow.. I thought they are timid furry things.. No claws and meek… Send one here Fed ex it:)

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