State of Origin

Bring it on!

Can ya tell who I support?

QLD Miss Lou

It’ll be 9 years this year – and alot has happened since NSW won Origin

Who DO YOU Support?

SINCE NSW LAST WON A STATE OF ORIGIN SERIES … (Sourced entirely from article written yesterday);


1. The iPhone was created

The first version was released in 2007. We’ve been enslaved ever since.

2. Australia made it to the knockout stages of a football World Cup

How Kewell was that?

3. We’ve had four different prime ministers

Howard, Rudd, Gillard and Abbott.

4. Twitter was launched

No one has ever tweeted about NSW winning a series.

5. Kim Kardashian appeared in a sex tape

And became famous in the process.

6. America elected its first black president

Then re-elected him for good measure.

7. Facebook usurped Myspace’s throne

Ending the terrifying reign of the Top Friends list.

8. Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus rose to fame

And they’re the only people on the planet who are richer for it.

9. The A-League was contested for the first time

Since then, its standard has risen from “rubbish” to “sub-par”.

10. The Global Financial Crisis happened

And made everyone feel a little blue. Even Queenslanders.

11. Roger Federer won 12 grand slams

Meanwhile, NSW only won seven matches.

12. Breaking Bad started and finished

It was, ironically, very addictive.

13. YouTube became a thing

Having been founded in February of 2005.

14. Shane Warne, Glenn McGrath, Ricky Ponting, Matthew Hayden, Justin Langer and Adam Gilchrist retired

Australian cricket died for a while.

15. Sydney won its first AFL flag

And at least 10 per cent of the city’s population noticed.

16. We lost some famous faces

Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger, Whitney Houston, Cory Monteith, James Gandolfini, Brittany Murphy, Amy Winehouse and Paul Walker, among others.

17. NASA shut down its space shuttle program

Because Queensland had already claimed every star.

Cover picture QLD Origin

37 responses to “State of Origin

  1. LOL getting a few hits on my blog about the guernsey you made for me Miss Lou. Maybe you should go into business for the Soccer World Cup 😀

    • Yes – In the case of Origin my extended family would never forgive me if I did not habitually follow and support the Queensland Team.

      In fact – family force when it comes to team support should be something more closely evaluated (psychologically I mean).. lol

      Such support can often leave a person screaming at the top of their lungs while in front of a 60 inch LG plasma wondering what the point is!!

  2. Being as I am from Sydney an’ all, I’m a Blues fan and YES we won (but honestly speaking I find all games with people on ovals with balls a bit passe (though everyone in my fam would KILL me for this revelation) 😉

    Great facts Miss Lou, you’re the suppository I mean repository of wisdom! xx

    • LOL Lee-Anne!! A blues Supporter? Really?

      I’ve had a running bet with one of my girlfriends for the last 4 years – she lives just outside of Newcastle.

      When I say running – I mean running – we agreed that whichever side lost, the supporter would have to run down Newcastle foreshore naked in winter.

      It would be filmed and placed on YouTube.

      She’s not followed through a single time and claims it’s because there is no one there to film.. lol I’m wondering if this year I will make the trip especially 😛

      If you haven’t got one already, would you like me to Create you a Guernsey – what name and Number do you want me to use? If you email at I’ll send you the graphics 🙂


      • Haha! Thanks for the lovely offer but I will decline, Miss Lou as I’d look ridiculous scampering around in a Guernsey when I am a supporter in spirit only and don’t really follow it (and only to be loyal to male fam members!)
        I have the attention span of a gnat (whatever that is:) and only look at sport on TV or in person (as in sons’ soccer) when FORCED to!!

      • Lol! Both of my children play football (AFL) and soccer, though neither of them enjoy watching games! I definitely feel that way about soccer! I love to watch the children play, though really have no interest in televised soccer!

      • Absolutely, it’s great watching our kids play – one’s heart sort of bursts with maternal pride (corny as that sounds). 😀
        My daughter has only just given up netball (don’t regret the early icy wintry mornings though!)


  3. I came here via Michael’s blog; just couldn’t resist.. I agree with you Miss Lou…I hope NSW wins the second game too 😀

    • Whoa? I want the Maroons to win the second game!! *Feigns outrage* lol

      This is a farce, surely I couldn’t have commented some place that I wanted to blues to win! lol

      At the very least, the Maroons HAVE to win the second one (Hopefully the third too) BUT if they don’t win the second one then the third is almost not worth watching!!


  4. Did you come up with these trivia facts? Come on who deserves to win the Cup more than Mexico… Mexico is Soccer… Do people really play Cricket? Well I’m impressed with your knowledge…

    • Lol, no the facts aren’t mine (I linked the original source right before writing them out) My children play soccer, and yes people really do play cricket! Favorite pass time here in Australia.. 🙂

    • LOL Dan! Once I get though reading your post of trains, I’m going to find you a you tube link so you can join the masses! I’ll even make you your own shirt and link your blog from my Front page!! #OriginMadness


  5. Fantastic. I really hope tonight, the 100th game, Queensland will win at home, at Lang Park. I grew up on Hale Street and could see Lang Park from our window.

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