Go Maroons!

State of Origin

Round II

We all know who I go for…

QLD Miss Lou


Dr Gary Lum from Yummy Lummy – he’s on my side too!


Then of course, there’s Michael.. and he hasn’t come to the light… yet….

Michael T Profile

And Lyn… she’s also taking some time to come around…

Lyn - Grannyma Profile

To keep it balanced on my side, I’ve also decided that Mr Opinions is going to go for Maroons too. Chances are he is in bed sleeping right now, so I will spam him as much as I can through twitter in the hope that I will gain many foreign supporters who support my side (even though they probably know nothing about the game….)

Mr Opinions

QLD has a new Supporter.

Introducing – all the way from the US of A – Dan Antion!

Welcome to the fold!

Dan Antion


And, we’ve courted another QLD supporter!! LOL #YayBananas – Welcome Dave!

Dave J R

Will it be NSW or QLD folks?

43 responses to “Go Maroons!

  1. Congratulations to Miss Lou and the Queensland State of Origin team for a stonkingly good win tonight!! Very well deserved πŸ˜‰

      • 34 to 8 I think. LOL I was too busy trying to keep my elderly neighbour in line. We went to the local pub for dinner and to watch the game, but she is such a firecracker. She’s 75 and Italian. Absolutely loves her football. Everyone who isn’t on her team is a “bastarda-pig” πŸ˜€

      • Bwahahahahahaha…. Lol @ “Bastarda-pig” and at 75!!!! My goodness, that is quite score!!! I’ll have to watch the game on You Tube over the next few days.

  2. I suppose to each his own colour based on one’s perception of suitability…

    I seem to sense your preference of Maroon over the blue. What would you ascribe this choice to?


    • The guys in the Maroon team are much more handsome!.. LOL

      On a more serious note, I was in a relationship once with a rugby player/ soldier – who would have player professional rugby if it weren’t for the fact that he was deployed all the time. Suffice to say – every spare moment he lived outside of work was dedicated to playing rugby or watching it.

      I was brainwashed. lol

      Maroons it is!

  3. Always red and white stripes for me and football (the real kind not the American fake stuff). There’s only one team for me Southampton Saints in the Premier League.

    • Lol. Team faithful. Admirable! I cringe at the running sofa fest that is American football. *Looks around for offended Americans and goes into hiding.*

  4. Post-game I won’t rub it in, Miss Lou (well, maybe a 6-pack of Caramellos?) But re the guernsey, maroon suits me better than blue – may have to migrate north! πŸ˜‰

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