The Psychology of Evil

The Psychology of Evil

Something I think all of us should watch and consider. This particularly highlights, in my mind, the current climate in Australian Politics.

As per modern communication methods, I tweeted Tony Abbott MHR, Bill Shorten MP and Christine Milne and requested they watch this and consider their leadership and the example they set for all Australians and the world.

Please note, that the video below has some very graphic images between the 5:00 and 6:45 minute marks.

38 responses to “The Psychology of Evil

  1. I had to look away for some of those images. What an horrific, powerful TED Talk. I wonder if the pollies watched it. That study where they mock arrested people was shocking. This whole talk was shocking and facinating. Amazing what he was staying how just changing apperance can change how people act.
    Thanks for sharing

    • Very valid point, Jackie. Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to comment.

      I was very interested in the information that was provided here and if nothing else, the leaders of our nations need to be aware of the psychology so that it is a consideration when they contemplate their own actions.

      • Same 🙂 Facebook is actually where I came across it in the first place.

        I actually tweeted it to our leaders here in Australia (not that I imagine they will get to see it – but SOMEONE will get to see it and hopefully it makes a difference in their own understanding)

  2. I read a good sentence on interrogation recently, and that was “…given enough time, resources and technique, every man will break…”. Given enough stress and exposure to certain elements and a good man can do something evil. I think those elements are opportunity, and lack of accountability; the “I can do it” and “I can get away with it”. The earliest stage of this would be something we all went through, the “give me a fucking reason to put a hole in your chest”. Everybody has their breaking point; some are lower, some are higher, and some might even be non-existent.

    • Elements – opportunity & lack of accountability. Yes!

      Interestingly, both qualities of systematic failure.

      I was also not surprised to hear of the increased negative/adverse behaviours resulting when anonymity was present.

    • I saw a very interesting clip on corporate involvement in our political systems, which led me to this;

      I think the premise of a group of people we elect to represent our views is great. However, the system itself is flawed when those who hold the most wealth and hence power are determining the outcomes for the majority of people. Money is a disturbingly effective motivator 😦

      • And all the lobbyists! They woo our politicians and they have to play the game to get ahead. That’s how large groups of people get powerful weather it be unions or big corporations.

      • YES!! Exactly… That’s what that link I put up is about. It discusses the problem with Super PAC ‘s and how 1% of the population is determining policies that directly afftect the other 99%. Interesting stuff.

        Joseph Gordon-Levitt did a video explaining this recently, which helped perk my interest (he’s particularly easy on one’s eye) lol…

  3. Do you want to end up in a re-education camp? Wait that’s only here in The U.S… Sorry you folks are at that point yet:)

    • Honestly, with the Murdoch Media empire, sometimes it feels like we are stuck in a prolonged brainwash cycle.

      I often see news headlines and am left thinking WTF.

      • Rupert Murdock is a wise man (are you trying to get us both locked up..?) Fox News is a good outlet for news. I love Fox News… It’s balanced and fair. (Icks Snay on the Rupert Murdock-ay O-Tay) I welcome the thought chip I am having implanted tomorrow.

      • I listen to everything Fox News says and I know whatever they say is the truth.. Specially whatever that ditzy blonde what’s her name says… See the chip implanted is a good thing.

      • Less thinking more time to watch more mindless reality shows… Kim Kardashian just bought a new pair of shoes… And her other sister says they look great on her… Oh look a squirrel!

  4. Hello, Miss Lou!

    I love this post!

    For all its horror, this is a very empowering video. It helps us understand that ‘evil’ and ‘good’ are in each of us, and that they constitute choices, not facets of our personalities that are beyond our control.

    I am reminded of Sophie and Hans Scholl, two university students in WW2 Munich (Germany), who, together with their fellow uni students, wrote and distributed pamphlets arguing against what Adolf Hitler was then doing. The Nazi’s political police, the Gestapo, spent an enormous percentage of thier annual budget trying to identify the authors of these pamphlets who wrote them under the name Die Weiße Rose (The White Rose).

    When the Scholls were discovered and arrested, they were put on a show trial, found guilty and their executions were fast-tracked. Normally, in Germany at the time, capital punishments were meted out 99 days after the trial, so that the condemned could make their peace and finalise their affairs. The Scholls (and a friend) were executed on the day of their sentencing.

    I think it was because the Scholls were ordinary (albeit bright) young people who said ‘no’ to the status quo. Their real ‘crime’ was to take away the veneer of excusability so many in Nazi Germany felt they could count upon when the inevitable time of reckoning came along.

    I think Abu Ghraib and, more recently, Manus island (amongst many more crime scenes) show that evil is not confined to Nazi-era Germany.

    Thank you for sharing this interesting video and post!

    • Hi Dave!!! Great to see you. We very much relate I think, when considering this clip and how it is very relevant, not only historically, but right now.

      People need to be outraged by some of the decisions their governments make on their behalf. People need to be outraged by systematic failure.

      If something doesn’t feel right, that’s because it’s probably not right and you could be the first voice of many.

      Thanks for comment Dave. I trust you are in good health??


      • That saddest thing here is that I do question how much of this is a failure, and how much is engineered.

        I have notice how the worst demons of our nature seem to repeatedly beat the carp out our best angels.

        As to my health, don’t tell me about health. Health? You asked me about my health? I’m not even gonna get into me health! Health?

        I am okay now, although I have had had to go into glasses and am being tested for nerve blindness in my right eye on Wednesday.

        My glasses give me more than a passing resemblance to Walter from Breaking Bad. That is both disconcerting and entertaining. I have already found my resemblance useful in reigning in bad behaviour on the trains…

        Apart from my heart problem and arthritis, I could also write at length about my dodgy bladder and prostate, but I don’t think you want to hear about all that.

        I mean were I to describe my prostate that is both the size and some of the less savoury behaviours of a rabid rottweiler, I would not exactly be contributing the stuff of a nice, clean family-oriented Internet, would I?

        And I’m not going into what happens in the morning when I go to the toilet! Just don’t ask!

        Nossirree Bob!

      • Sounds like you are fighting fit!!

        Sheesh!! Not the best run of it, but on the up side, you are alive and engaging with the world.. AND AND, still able to make awesomely insightful comments in blogs!

        Relating to your comment about beating the crap our of our best angels – I think this is a common part of our way of life, sadly. I also think that lifting each other up is common too, just seems like it is waaayyy out of balance at time (like now)


  5. I suppose the hope is in the message. The more we understand about our tendencies in certain situations, the better we can become at making appropriate decisions. I think in my part of the world, it starts with parenting. We need to be less afraid to teach our children that blind obedience is not okay. Despite the fact that parents often ask it of their children.

    • Yes, I found it very interesting and concerning at the same time. I very much agree that a good place to start is at home, with our children.

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