Just Jot it July #2 – The Power of Introverts

The Power of Introverts

I just read ‘Independent Me’ by Dan Antion

His post inspired the sharing of this video for #JusJoJul

Introducing Susan Cain, who makes being an introvert sound awesome.

(because being an Introvert IS awesome)

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Just Jot It July #2

33 responses to “Just Jot it July #2 – The Power of Introverts

  1. The Power of Introverts has become one of my favorite books, and I especially enjoy recommending it to other introverts who are wondering if there is something wrong with them because they enjoy being at home by themselves reading a good book over coffee. I was recently chatting with an extroverted friend who was asking me what there was to do in the area of the National Park I was going to vacation in. When I explained excitedly that I was going to camp and hike and read and write, she looked puzzled and asked “yes, but what is there to do?” It made me laugh because I realized how differently we were motivated; she by the social energy of others around her, and me by the solitude of a beautiful place and the sounds of a campfire. One is not better than the other; just different.

  2. Ah, I have been called an introvert (by everyone and anyone who even vaguely knows me) so many times that I don’t take it in a disapproving manner anymore. Watching this made me so happy and immensely proud of myself for no reason whatsoever. Thanks so much for sharing. ❤

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  4. LOVE this one. It is difficult to explain to people why I don’t socialize or seek out large groups of friends because that’s what is “expected”. It is also equally difficult to describe why I get so frustrated by incompetence.


    • And it ‘IS’ expected in society, isn’t it?

      That’s one of the reasons I posted the video because when I watched it, I was thrilled with the positive perceptions of what it is to be; even in part, an ‘introvert’

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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  12. It is a good hard hit topic, there is always an outstanding reason/s for every personality. As it is very important respecting every personality, Collaboration should also be encouraged to produce best results at work places and schools. I have difficulties defending myself as an introvert sometimes, but now I have more reasons to be who I am.

    • Yes I think you have made some very valid points.

      Introversion, because it comes with such negative connotations in mainstream society generally speaking, can be more a of a challenge for individuals because they can get a sense of ‘I need to be fixed’

      This is not the case. Just because someone is an introvert does not mean that they cannot work in a team if required, as such skills are often something that need to be practiced for most of us (introvert or not) it just might take a little more effort ( or alot).

      I find that collaboration in schools and workplaces is already common practice, though rarely hear about ‘Individual Reflection Time’ – which I think could be something that comes in very handy.

      Thanks for your comment 🙂


  13. I’m still recovering from trying to expand into the extrovert mold. In the latter part of my teaching career, I began to see how we do the same thing in classrooms. Excellent topic and video. Love TEDtalks.

    • This Ted talk was very profound to me, because there are times when I am very introverted and prefer to be alone and experiencing quiet and thought.

      There is such a negative connotation around that, like it is something that needs to be fixed. This is not the case, and the Ted Talk really helped reinforce Introverts just are – and they are valued and important and it’s okay.

      Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment 🙂

      Miss Lou

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  16. I think there are times that you need to exert yourself and there times that it is better keep to yourself. I think I agreed with the speaker that there is no real introvert/extrovert.

    • Yes, I too agree!

      The wonderful thing I found with this video is that it helps to overcome alot of the negative connotations directly associated with behaving in a way described as introverted.

      It is very encouraging 🙂


    • I still have not read the book ‘The Quiet’, but I do have intentions of buying it. That’s almost the same. Right? lol

      This video breaks down those negative connotations associated with being an ‘Introvert’.

      When it comes to empathy, I think it also overlaps with compassion (OR they can go hand in hand) and I know in the christian faith, I have heard my Pastor discuss ‘Gifts of the Spirit’ The gift of Compassion is one of those. Some Sources to reference:


      Click to access Compassion.pdf

      Of course this may not apply to you or those in your life, but it is very interesting none-the-less.

      Thanks for your comment 🙂

      Miss Lou

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