Just Jot it July

Just Jot it July

This is a no pressure, write whatever small or long bit of stuff you want and pop it in a post.

Could be one word, or a poem or a sticky note with

‘Don’t forget to walk the cow’

(I don’t have a cow, but some people might have cows)

I’m hoping, the reduced pressure of just doing tidbits will help those of us who are OCD (me)  ‘Just Do It!’

(That bit was for you Wandering Poet :P)

If you would like to join in, please do!


1. Join in whenever you feel like it, on any day, at any time during the month of July!

2. If you write a ‘Just Jot it July’ post on your blog, you can ping it back here so we all know where to find it.

3. Write anything you want!

4. Have fun!

Not sure about anything, please ask!

Contributors (So Far) – Thank you!

 Contributors Links
JetGirl Dear Canada (Stunning shots of Vancouver Island)
Deborah Jot it Raw
Oh Little Lamb
Nothing More
Living in Gratitude
There Will One Day Be
The Lord is Good
He is Our Anchor
Linda  Just Jot It July 1st Edition
Miss Lou I’m So Vain
The Power of Introverts
Lone Survivor
Rome Wasn’t built in a day
Rome Wasn’t Blah Blah Bla
Niall McArdle Happy Birthday Dr Watson
Irish Blog Awards
True Detective Casting Rumours…
Sadie Some Weird Shit
Who Would you Choose?
Jeanne Out, Damned Spot!
Alexis Holy Cow! How Timely!
Joanne Checking Stats at 3:30am!
Andy I Wonder!
Begin to Hope Who I am!
A Blind Bird We the Crusaders!

Thank you to Linda  – this is her concept, which I participated in during January – Just Jot it January.

This post is part of Just Jot It July.

Just Jot It July Graphic

125 responses to “Just Jot it July

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  28. Phew, I just managed to link it.
    Thanks so much! I am overwhelmed with gratitude. 🙂 ❤
    Btw, the background of your blog is brilliant. Minions FTW! 😀

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  62. What a good idea this is! I’m going to watch this for a while and see what you get!

    • It’s lovely to meet you 🙂 And thank you very much – the idea is actually Linda’s (linked up in the post content above)

      Miss Lou

      • Well, I very much enjoyed the quick look I had around your blog today anyway! Am glad I found you via Linda’s site!

    • Hi Deborah, No daily prompts.

      The motto is ‘Just Do it’.

      Put down anything, no matter how big or small and link it up. It could be a poem, a Haiku, a sentence, a feeling, one word that describes your mood.

      It could be a picture!

      Whatever it is that you decided to post, the aim is for you not to feel any pressure at all when your doing it.

      I realised in January when I participated in Linda’s Just Jot it January activity, that when we surround ourselves with community, conversations generally arise from any entry, no matter how big or small. It helped me understand that I did not have to be writing edited articles on mainstream topics to actually have people involved in my blog 🙂

      Thanks so much for joining in! I look forward to seeing your posts 🙂

      Miss Lou

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  67. Has anyone got any idea why we need to have our nostrils pointing downwards?

    I mean why can’t we have forwards-facing nostrils like our chimpanzee and gorilla brothers and sisters?

    I suspect a plot of some sinister sort or other. Must be the Liberal Party of Australia.

    Damn Liberals! Get out of my nostrils!

  68. I just want to comment here on our need for pointless commentary that comments upon nothing.

    I wish to do so for no particular reason.

    Any pointless comments to make on this?

    • I love Pointless comments (did I warn about the strong possibly of Pointless posts during this Just Jot it July period of time)

      Also, My left foot hurts and I think I could have head lice.

      • Might I say that your reply was not in fact pointless as you ended your comment about head lice with a full stop, sometimes called a point?

        And may I also say I wish I was lucky enough to have head lice, and that I am afflicted with a bad ear-hair day?

        No matter what I do with it, the hairs sprouting forth from my 50-year-old ears just will not plait nicely!

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