Just Jot It July #3 – Lone Survivor

JustJoJul #3 – Lone Survivor

Just Jot It July 3

I’m one hour and 12 minutes in geez, these guys can’t catch a break.

#Heartbreaking and based on a true story.

Lone survivor book

You can also find the book here…

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38 responses to “Just Jot It July #3 – Lone Survivor

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  11. Just watched this movie yesterday. Whenever I watch any of these movies about events that have happened in the Middle East I can’t help but think about the time I spent in Iraq. I have heard all sorts of people say bad things about everyone in those countries, but I was able to get to know some of them. What I have learned is that it is not the general population that should be hated in those countries, but the extremists who cause the problems. Some of the countries have governments that are to blame as well as they are centered around their military forces and not so much about helping out their citizens. I couldn’t imagine living in one of those countries with the way they are ran.

    • Thanks for your comment Justin and sharing your personal experiences of your time in Iraq.

      What this movie reinforced for me – was that every person is an individual and that even though on the surface, people may appear to fit a certain mold – they can and will surprise you.

      Because of the rhetoric surrounding terrorism, there is often a generalised notion that entire countries and religions are made up of terrorists and extremists.

      That notion is something I feel the Government in my own country advocates & relies on to foster support for it’s illegal actions involving asylum seekers.

      Thanks again for dropping by and taking the time to comment.

      Miss Lou

  12. How funny! My hubby just saw Latrell (or however you spell his name) speak at a convention last week and we just watched this movie 2 days ago. What an amazing story!

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