JusJolJul #5 Rome wasn’t….. Blah blah bla…..

Rome wasn’t….. Blah blah bla…..




This is part of Just Jot It July 


This is part of Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

26 responses to “JusJolJul #5 Rome wasn’t….. Blah blah bla…..

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  6. I’m impressed. I know it is tough… One stinking donut takes a zillion miles to burn… Stupid flavorful tasty donuts.. Curse you all… Except the ones with sprinkles

    • Thanks Brad, and thanks for allowing me to participate in the activity. I probably wouldn’t have got this done today if not for the prompt and my own followers asking me if I’d done it yet… There was no way they were allowing me to get away with not doing it.

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      • Great! I am glad to hear. Does walking around as normal during the day count toward this 3km mark or you have to actaully do the “walking”?

      • No, it doesn’t count. I am doing this as a targeted event each day for 7 days. In this case I used my treadmill and wore my android so that it was able to measure the time and distance. I did sprints too. So I walked for 500 metres to warm up then ran at an increased speed for 500 metres then dropped back walked, then ran and so on.

        This is actually a very slow time for me, but considering I have not run for some time, I am accepting that I have to work up to it.

    • Sorry , I couldn’t pull through to do all of your 3km’s Gallivanta! lol

      As it is I can’t feel my butt.

      Which means it is going to be really really sore tomorrow.. lol

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