JusJoJul #7 Pushing Through

JusJoJuly #7 Pushing Through

2/7 Done 5/7 To go


This is part of Just Jot It July 


This is part of Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day , so far I’ve almost killed myself twice on the treadmill – click here to read about the first time….

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25 responses to “JusJoJul #7 Pushing Through

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    • That WAS my average – just under 22 I think was my best ever time. I was smashing it.

      I feel frustrated with the slow times, however I have made a start and will continue to work to improve on my times.

      Best of all, there will be some good health outcomes, which I am trying to make my priority.

      • It’s always hard when starting out from not being used to running that much. My only motivation for running before was so I could pass my physical fitness tests in the army. Now I’m working 10 hour days, help out with making dinner, and need to get things ready for work for the next day. I barely have half an hour to get my WordPress post ready for the next day before it’s off putting the kids to bed.

        Speaking of good health. I was put on heartburn medication about 8 years ago and the past 10 months have changed my entire lifestyle and have been able to finally become medication free! Only if I would have taken better care of myself back then. It’s amazing how changing the way you eat can completely change your life around. I love it and so happy I made that choice. 🙂

    • LOL, no idea, I don’t pay any attention to the calories. This comment comes courtesy of my bath, where me and my muscles are trying to recover. I’ll check it out when I get back on the PC…

    • The squiggly line running through the centre of the demonstrates the speed and consistency I am running/Walking at.

      If you look at this graphic: https://misslouella.wordpress.com/?attachment_id=6595

      That compares yesterdays Run with Todays.

      Yesterday I did sprints, because I was fresh.

      Today, because my body is aching almost all over, I walked most of the way and picked it up a bit in the second half.

      When I was sprinting, you can see the peak. When I walked, the line dropped. There is a direct correlation in the number of calories burned and the speed/duration I am running at. When I am running faster, the calories flick over quicker on the application.

      The times are very slow for me, and I am struggling not to feel discouraged. I slacked off, so now I have some work to do to get my fitness back.

      • Ah, I see. So this is a phone app then? Hey, have you got a heart rate monitor? HR training can be quite helpful and sometimes even lets you know how your body is doing despite how it’s feeling. 🙂

      • I have one built into my treadmill. It might be helpful I think if I got one for mobile stuff, like my pump classes and my step classes. I’ve not even looked for one yet!

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