JusJoJuly #9 Almost Half Way!

Almost Half Way

3/7 Done 4/7 to go

Really didn’t want to do it tonight, especially after eating breakfast for dinner:

Sausages, Bacon, Egg, Tomato, Croissants and Mushroom Sauce,

Dinner for breakfast

I still went, and this was the result!



This is part of Just Jot It July 


This is part of Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day, so far I’ve almost ran off the back of the treadmill twice – click here to read about the first time….

and here to read about the 2nd time 

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43 responses to “JusJoJuly #9 Almost Half Way!

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  4. Yikes, I hope you gave yourself time to digest. I love breakfast for dinner and dinner for breakfast is good sometimes, too, especially dinner dessert for breakfast.

  5. That sounds really yummy, except for the eggs. If I tried to run after eating all that I’m almost 100% sure I’d leave it on the trail somewhere 😛 As a matter of fact I just got back from a nice trail run. So much more fun than running on the road.

    • I do also love to run outdoors, though for a range of reasons, the treadmill is the better option for now.

      Also, I can see your progress on my Nike app, under friends, and I am catching up to you!… lol

      Okay not really. you’re at 26.74kms and I am at 14.12kms…


  6. You’re doing great Miss Lou, congratulations. Mushroom sauce with bacon and eggs??? Well, I guess there were sausages too 🙂 I love eggs benedict…I could eat that for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

    • Yes!! Sooooo YUMMY and and… it was delicious albeit a bit weird for dinner.. but still very yummy.. – and mushroom sauce was made with cream and mushrooms. so a creamy sauce…


      • ~looks surprised~ well, what else would you make mushroom sauce with? A bit of cream in all sauces, that’s my motto 😀

  7. You better tell me that food on that plate is incredibly delicious because let’s just say it looks less than… Mushroom sauce?

    • Considering almost every meal I make is considered an X-File I’m sure you wouldn’t believe me if I said it was tasty.. lol

      But it absolutely was so delicious and the telling factor is that the rest of the family agreed (you’ll just have to take my word for it).. lol

      • I’m watching an episode of SurvivorMan with that Canadian guy. He’s over where you are… He’s eating a bug called Yabbies? King brown snakes.. Kangaroos can’t jump backwards..

      • Yabbies.. LOL they are river dwelling creatures kind of like crayfish..

        YUCK! I’d not touch them in a million years…

        Okay, maybe if I was dying of starvation stuck in the middle of no where and there happened to be yabbies about, but surely if there were yabbies, then there would be fish…

        #Weirdos! lol

      • You ever see that guy.. He is a tough wimpy guy not like Bear Grylls who turned out to be a total fake…

      • Hmm Tough and wimpy right next to each other is a contradiction… lol

        I don’t think I have seen him… for some reason those types of programs on Discovery and other channels are the ones I tend to avoid.. lol

      • Bear was this English he man guy but it was later revealed all his stuff was stage.. He went to your land down under and supposedly was in the outback but it was staged..

  8. I think a nice WALK would have been better on a full stomach! Still, you did really well — and I’ll bet you felt good afterward. I know just what you mean about nearly slipping off the treadmill, having done that a time or two myself. Scary, isn’t it??

    • It is scary.. lol.. and this was more like a very fast paced walk/alternative between steady slow jog – all done pretty much on the same speed until the end.
      Thanks for the encouragement 🙂

      I’m starting to feel confident I can make it to the end of the goal.

      My besty, Joost says that I should do it for 21 days to form a habit with it.

    • I completely forgot that I had the run when I decided the family was going to have fried breakfast for dinner, or I would have opted for salad.. lol

      I took it easy though and feel better tonight than I did last night and the night before.

      Also it was yummy!

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