JusJoJuly #10 – Past the Halfway Point

Past the Halfway Point

With exactly 8 minutes to spare, I knocked out 4/7  in 34:30 – which is slightly better than yesterdays effort.

3/7 to go till I hit this Goal out of the ball park!

Screenshot 12072014

This is part of Just Jot It July 


This is part of Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day, so far I’ve almost ran off the back of the treadmill twice – click here to read about the first time…. , here to read about the 2nd time  and here to read about the 3rd.

Want to participate in #JusJoJul (Just Jot It July)

or let me know if you like your own posts and favorite your own tweets? (Surely I’m not the only one?!)

Hear about why introverts are especially awesome?

or participate in my latest interrogation?

or check out my review that’s not really a review on Lone Survivor,

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or learn more about me and my love for shoes?

Or you can just skip all that and look at my feet!

27 responses to “JusJoJuly #10 – Past the Halfway Point

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  2. You will be soon a fast cheetah or gazelle… I’m now more of a lumbering water buffalo with a salivating mouth and runny nose… Oh look a friendly alligator wants to say hello down at the watering hole…Brb

      • I grew up on George of The Jungle.. The cartoon.. Not that other no talent guy… With his trusty friend the lion.. Fred and the Gorilla with the proper English accent… Oh God I’m old shoot me please..

      • Don’t be so melodramatic! The only thing you should be shot with at your age is a Flu shot 😛

        I love Brendan Fraser as George of the Jungle… I’ve not known any other *bites my lip*

        Does that make me sound like I am 20?

      • Btw…. Speaking of actors… Where is Paul Hogan? With his.. Now that’s a knife… You guys don’t walk around with those big knives do ya:)

      • *snorks and LOLs at the same time*

        No *giggling*.. We would get in trouble and more than likely arrested!

        As for Paul Hogan, I have no idea what he is up to at the moment. – HOPEFULLY not making another crocodile Dundee movie – he’s getting a bit long in the tooth to be doing that!.. (pun intended)

      • Yes.. He did marry that Terminator movie woman… What was that thing he played that got his aboriginal guy to show up… “Hey Fred how’s it going? How are the kids?” Classic:)

      • He married his co star from Crocodile Dundee – not the woman from Terminator.. lol

        Am I getting my movie wires crossed, or is this business all your fault? lol

      • Yeah right.. That woman…. Ok well I’m driving to work:)sleep well

    • #YayBananas!~

      Thanks for the encouragement!

      I wasn’t sure at the beginning if I would get through it, but, with 4 out of 7 down. I think I am going to be good. AND I feel heaps better for it 🙂


    • LOL I’ve still got a whole heap of catching up to do, Jeff. If it helps you plan, I have this run scheduled for 3 more time this week~ 🙂
      If I’m extra motivated I will do the same run for another 14 days after that.

      They say 21 days does a habit make eh…

      • Thanks! Though liking not feeling like I want to fall over and die on my hikes is motivation enough to keep running.

        But I did just set myself up with the challenge of burning at least 4,000 calories per week for the next 4 weeks in order to keep it interesting 😛

      • Yup! I’m probably going to have to kick it up a notch though. My average run only burns about 650. Probably bit off more than I could chew, but what the hell, you only live once.

      • If you ran your average run every single day – then yes, you’d hit a home run. Another alternative could be to run a bit extra everyday so you could run 6 days.

        Be careful you don’t enter into ‘Twigdom’

      • I have been trying to push a little further each run, with only moderate success. It’s been very hot and humid lately, and that puts a bit of a damper on my energy.

        And you don’t have to worry about me, I like to eat far too much to be waisting away to nothing. Heck, if I can burn 4,000 calories a week that’s 4,000 more I can consume. 😉

      • That’s me alright. I will never be one of those 2% body fat, rock hard 6-pack kind of guys. I like food way too much.

        And while I do enjoy the hell out of trail running, it’s like mountain biking without the expense of a bike, I have no desire to have fitness rule my life. I mainly run to get in shape so I don’t feel like I’m going to die after some of the brutal climbs I do while hiking in the mountains.

      • And OH those pictures that you take – that too is an absolute perk of getting fit and getting out there and doing those hikes!

        I’ve got another one to get done in the next 3 hours and 10 minutes.. I don’t want to, so I am seeking anything that will provide me with some motivation.. lol

      • I’m sitting here procrastinating as well. Though the longer I wait, the more people there will be on the trails where I plan to run today. Though I think it will be more like a fast hike/climb up, and then a run back down. I sure do love descending 😀

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