JusJoJuly #12 – Searching for Alien Toes

Searching for Alien Toes

Often, I get a good laugh out of some of the search terms that lead people to my blog.

In this case, I think that the searcher/s were actually looking for me – because the link to my blog came up on Page 3 of about 5,250,000 results.

Searching for Alien Toes

Probably. My toes are famous!

Lou's Feets Three

Do you know that you have the ability to see this information on your statistics page?

If you did know, before now, do you take any notice of the search terms that lead people to your blog?

What is the funniest or strangest you have found?

This is part of Just Jot It July ..

Let me know if you like your own posts and favorite your own tweets? (Surely I’m not the only one?!)

Hear about why introverts are especially awesome?

or participate in my latest interrogation?

or check out my review that’s not really a review on Lone Survivor,

or meet Garfield, my trusty recliner?!

or learn more about me and my love for shoes?

Or you can just skip all that and look at my feet!

38 responses to “JusJoJuly #12 – Searching for Alien Toes

  1. Those silver shoes in the background have a sort of “space vibe” to them. Feet look normal to me, but you might want to consult a podiphiliac….

    • Oh Noes!! I’m too scared to even Google that word (but it doesn’t sound good… and I might steer clear lest my toes end up with a stalker or 7)

  2. The funniest search term that landed someone at my blog was “is my employer required to pay for subpoena day” – I don’t care, I’ll take them however they get there 🙂

  3. Sometimes I get random things like that, but normally it says, “unknown search terms” or something like that, which makes me absurdly curious. What is something unknown that could lead to my blog? LOL

    • lol. I think that ‘Unknown search terms is actually an indication that those people have searched through Google while using their incognito function….

    • Lets face it, you have an excellent, regular, loyal, commenting readership and there’s no need for you to be having outlandish tags about ‘alien toes’ or pictures of my infamous tootsies to gain blog visitors.

      One has to wonder about the readership that does find you through hunting with search terms such as ‘alien toes’ or ‘pretty feet’ eh.. eh..

      I’m starting to get a bit alarmed.. lol

  4. Well, I’m feeling boring and uninteresting – only 9 search terms over the past quarter. “camembert cranberry pumpkin pizza” the most delicious! 😉

      • And no I don’t have a collection of women’s shoes (well not anymore since the cops put that restraining order against me.. And that judge said I couldn’t own 100’s of pairs and I can’t be near a shoe story)

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