JusJoJuly #14 – Getting it Done

Getting it Done

Once again, with 8 minutes to spare, I completed my daily run of at least 3kms.

5/7 Down. 2/7 To go.


This is part of Just Jot It July 


This is part of Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day, so far I’ve almost ran off the back of the treadmill twice – click here to read about the first time…. , here to read about the 2nd time  and here to read about the 3rd.

Want to participate in #JusJoJul (Just Jot It July)

or let me know if you like your own posts and favorite your own tweets? (Surely I’m not the only one?!)

Hear about why introverts are especially awesome?

or participate in my latest interrogation?

or check out my review that’s not really a review on Lone Survivor,

or meet Garfield, my trusty recliner?!

or learn more about me and my love for shoes?

Or you can just skip all that and look at my feet!

28 responses to “JusJoJuly #14 – Getting it Done

  1. I just got back from my run, and I was smokin’ fast! 19.7 miles in 35min. 58sec., for a blistering pace of 1 minute 48 seconds per mile.* You’ll never catch me now!

    * all this on a section of trail only 2.3 miles long. Pretty sure Nike+ was having a brain fart 😜 Considering how steep and rocky the climb was, the 35 minute time is about right, but it was more like a 15 minute mile.

    • LOL!! I was thinking to myself… That dude just busted almost every record ever known to man…

      Then I caught on…


      I’m catching uuuuuppppppp!!!

      • What are you saying, you don’t believe I could run that fast? 😉

        For the record, not downhill, with a tail wind, while being chased by a lion could I in my wildest dreams run that fast.

        I laughed out loud when the woman’s voice came on congratulating me on my best half marathon time ever. She’s not sure how I did, but way to go. As if I ever eve want to run a half marathon.

      • I wouldn’t quite call my car a rocket, but that’s about the only way I’m going to cover a mile in under 2 minutes. When I was cycling I could have done it, but on foot, no freakin way.

      • lol *giggling*

        Car, rockets, bicycle… (With rockets).. lol

        I suppose the good ole ‘Foot Falcon’ probably isn’t going to cut it (not even for an Olympian)

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