JusJoJuly #15 – #YayBananas – Done & Dusted!

#YayBananas – Done & Dusted!

This is 7th and final day of my ‘Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day’ challenge.

I had one Goal this week:

Walk 3km everyday. Commencing Wednesday 9th July.

My 6/7 was a late due to being bloated with a Pizza Gut. (it was VERY VERY Good Pizza)

I completed the goal.

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My Goals for next week:

Walk/Run at least 3km everyday. Commencing Wednesday 16th July.

Have a gluten free week.


Also – a huge shout out to Jeff who I just passed on the running trail… *waves*

This was only because he was kind enough to exclude a massive achievement; 19.7 miles in 35min, 58sec, according to his trusty ole Nike App… (Feeling keener on it now @ Brad?)

15 July 2014

If you would like to set some goals and have some building buddies to encourage you along the way, you can participate in this weeks ‘Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day Challenge too – click here.

This post was also proudly brought to you via Just Jot It July 


59 responses to “JusJoJuly #15 – #YayBananas – Done & Dusted!

  1. Wow you’re doing a lot better than me! Maybe this will kick me into shape and get me moving too, thanks for the great post!

  2. Miss Lou, you make me laugh, and you have a wonderful personality. That is truly inspirational for me. Therefore, I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. If you would like to accept this nomination and learn more about the award, you can stop by my blog for the specifics.

  3. The only reason Rome wasn’t built in a day was because my wife wasn’t the project manager. 😉 Congrats on your milestones Lou.

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  5. Yay! But, hey, now I think you have gone beyond Rome; you’re building an empire. 😀 BTW, how did you know that I am making gluten free cookies at this very moment? Want one? Or two? I am not gluten intolerant. I just happen to like these cookies.

    • Thanks so much for the encouragement and support!

      I recently went for 2 weeks without gluten and felt a whole lot better for it… So I figured I would give it another go.


      • About the pizza, there may be no need to renounce it — yesterday in my local drugstore I stumbled upon gluten-free pizza dough which I’ll try later on in the week, so if you like I can let you know what I thought of it.
        Also, there’s gluten-free flour to be found in any decent supermarket, so you could always try and make your own pizza — Jamie Oliver has a few simple recipes on hiw FoodTube channel. That is, if you like cooking. 🙂

      • Yes. we got Gluten free pizza from Dominoes last night…

        and also.. sometimes we make gluten free pizza on those gluten free wrap bases – My daughter is gluten intolerant… so we have lots of experience.. though I really miss the EDGE and Cheesy filled bases.. lol

      • Its written in the post.. lol

        to walk or run 3kms every single day for another week and to also eat gluten free for 7 days!

      • Yes.. Sell this house… I’m not Catholic and never was but still I buried a St Joseph plastic three inch statue in the ground… Nothing like Catholic JuJu to make it happen..

      • Thanks.. Then Tiny House here I come (Google Tiny House) then write my opera.. And retire too.. I have goals alright:)

      • Yes.. It will make Pagliacci look like a comedy… Don’t most operas end in tragedy…

      • La Wally…her lover is swept to his death by an avalanche when she calls out to him, “Don’t jump! I love you!” Homer Simpson has a word for that “Doooh!”

      • Or Pagliacci the clown is on stage doing a clown routine when he finds his wife is doing it with some other clown (literally). He whacks her and the other clown and the audience thinks, “I don’t get the comedy aspect of what just happened but Bravo!”

      • I just not sure I could sit through something that ridiculous.

        Am I the only one who would think it ridiculous? I often don’t get this stuff!

      • It’s opera what more can I say… Yes I have goal.. My latest goal is now to get up and go to work….

    • *Does the exercise butt funk dance*

      *Snorks* there’s only 5 of us competing on my friends list, so it’s not like I’ve been exceptionally challenged – BUT Jeff really is giving me a run for my money.. lol

  6. Mmm, Pizza… it is my kryptonite, lol. I will definitely join you if I can on with the Nike Plus thing (my phone might not support it) just later. 😀

    You’re doing awesome!

    • That nike App can be a lying liar though.. lol

      IJS.. *giggling*

      Thanks so much for the encouragement and for hosting ‘Rome Wasn’t built in a Day’ – I’ve got through my goal, and I have met some really wonderful bloggers in the process.


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