As I note every media outlet is covering the siege in Lindt Chocolate Cafe, Martin Place, Sydney, I remember The Federal Government was set to release its Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook today and announce a range of spending cuts.

Sadly, I found myself wondering if it could possibly be an orchestrated/arranged event by the Government as a distraction & feel disheartened that my level of confidence in the Government has dropped that much that thought would even cross my mind.

I may never watch Scandal again after this.

Prayers that the people involved all emerge safe and sound.

A Few articles I found interesting to read when searching for blog posts relating to this incident;

Problem – Reaction – Solution & the Sydney Terrorist Incident Connection

Australia – Descending into Darkness (Draconian Laws, Police State, Surveillance and more)

17 responses to “Conflicted

  1. Hello! Thanks for your comments on my blog over the last year. You were Commenter #4 with 13 comments and I appreciate you! Happy New Year!

  2. I feel the same way – it’s not a good feeling is it? I sometimes think that governments employ script writers to produce a ‘reality’ that suits their ends. In this reality, the general public as the ‘extras’ are expendable. I also had a moment when I thought about Lindt Chocolate being from Switzerland, the land of neutrality, the world’s largest facility for atom splitting and Nazi gold. And all publicity is good publicity. It’s Christmas, people eat chocolate at Christmas.

  3. It’s good to hear from you again. As for feeling bad for thinking about what a government might do, tsk tsk young lady, they might do anything. I’ve always been a trusting soul, but even I have come to think about the tangled webs they might be weaving. Of course, I always assumed that was just a US Gov thing.

    • Thanks Dan 🙂

      I’ve honestly been so disheartened with the actions of our current Government, that’s the residing effect. Complete lack of trust.

      Perhaps I really should lay off ‘Scandal’. I’ve become rather cynical. It doesn’t help every time our Prime Minister opens his mouth & I literally cringe because most of what he relays is repetitive, nonsensical and inappropriate.

      This lot came out of his mouth before he even got voted in – – I’m sure something was put in the water that day. (my water is filtered) lol

  4. I haven’t heard from you in quite sometime Miss Lou, Welcome back! Just reading about this now and it truly is disheartening the way things are now especially with governments that we are supposed to be able to trust. :-\

    • Thanks Andy… #BeamingSmiles Life keeps stealing me away!

      I’ve also had concerns that there would be a backlash from the general community against people of Muslim Faith, (Like that is going to help anything) after a ‘frenzy’ of tweets & media but right now #Illridewithyou (Demonstration of support for Muslim Australians) is trending on twitter and it’s restored a little faith in us humans!

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