Human First

Human First

Everyone has a story. For this man – great pain, adversity & hardship has led him to be a powerful advocate to improve the lives of others.

Deng Thiak Adut

Deng Thiak Adut

Do you know the difference between Asylum Seekers, Refugees, Immigrants, Migrants & Illegal Immigrants?

– Here’s a useful fact sheet.

An average 2,400 women, men and children are fleeing Syria every day.

What role do you feel the world should play in helping these people (if any)?

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44 responses to “Human First

  1. Hi Lou! How are things with you? Talk about being slck with blogging! I’ve been absolutely terrible!!!!!!!!!!! It’s only the passt few days that I’ve actually put a good amount of effort into updating my site. I started this blogging quite well, six years ago, I don’t want to lose my blogs now. Anyway, I’ve been reading the comments on this post about accepting refugees into Australia. As far as I see it I think there’s a lot of factors to be considered. All the refugees have to be assessed ass to their honesty and whether they really do need asylum. At the same time, I do agree that the process in these camps shouldn’t be so drawn out either.

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment Michelle. I agree that refugees should be assessed. I also believe that it shouldn’t take so long.

      The Governments own published research demonstrates that the majority of Asylum seekers are genuine refugees.

      That we are shipping them off to other countries, with less resources than us, that cannot possibly care for them is very disappointing to me.

      • I think it’s good that you wrote a blog on this matter. I feel that using any tool to spread the word so more people become aware of these issues, especially the refugee crisis, is a good way to inform the Government because surely there’s someone high up somewhere reading yours and other blog posts dealing with this. Or, at people can tell Government workers that they’re reading more refugee crisis reports and other info through social media and blogs, so it makes it more likely that something will be done about it! Wow, I think youve created a good discussion topic here, please keep them coming!😃 and I hope everything is going well with you.

    • Definitely not alone Elena! Sorry it has taken me so long to respond! I’ve been soooo tardy with my blogging lately and rarely find the time to get on here and spend time with people 😦

      This fits right in with your recent post – ‘A Cycle of Promises’ – a poem which was very timely BTW. I keep reminding myself to stop commenting ‘I look forwarding to reading more soon’ because with my schedule, I just don’t know when I get back to read. Much rather it’s a surprise than a let down due to creating expectations in my case.

      Goodness, that sounds terrible.

      Thanks so much for commenting.

      Miss Lou

    • Mr Opinions, I KNEW you were different.. 😛 I did some research on this star travelling business and came up with this which totally represents you;

      Star travellers are fairly easy to spot. They are quite different from those souls who have only ever experienced Earth incarnations.

      Star travellers tend to:
      – identify as light workers – they know on a deep level that they’re here to contribute their special energies and gifts to raise the vibration of Earth and to raise consciousness

      – feel out-of-place and as if they don’t belong, especially if they’re mainly around Earth souls

      – often feel dissatisfied with the state of our planet – they know there is a better way, because they’ve experienced and lived it

      – feel connected to the spiritual realm and motivated in their spiritual development, to some degree or other.

      Basically, star travellers are different from Earth souls because they come in with an entirely different perspective (and agenda).

      (Copied from

    • Thanks so much for reading, commenting and visiting! I really enjoyed your recent post titled Resolving Family conflict. In some ways the arching message relates to situations with Refugees, because so many people have fear of them due to the actions of a few.

      Our government even treats them in a manner which causes great pain and suffering so that an example is made. ‘Come to Australia and it will be as bad or worse than the circumstances you are fleeing from.’

      Of course, we can’t do that without breaking the law (which we have done according to the UN and international standards.


    • Thanks for joining the conversation. I’ve honestly got no idea about the number of refugees that are being supported by the middle eastern states. If they aren’t doing their fair share & they have the capacity to do so, (I.e Safe, Stable, Resourced) it’d certainly be awesome to see it be so.

      I’ll have to go investigate that some more.

      It was announced today that Australia would accept 12,000 refugees, which seems really appropriate considering our Government has also decided to Bomb Syria – likely causing greater displacement. in any event, I think any country participating in military action has a moral responsibility (especially) to aid the civilians it’s affecting, either directly or indirectly through that engagement.

      I’m not aware of the circumstances around Australia’s intake at this point, but hopefully it is a step in the right direction.

      • I disagree with the way Syria is being handled all together. I’d like for my country to shit or get off the pot; why spend millions on airstrikes, arms shipments and training Syrians (whom Turkey practically handed over to a local al Qaeda affiliate friendly to Turkey because Turkey was worried AQ would be targeted alongside ISIS) if we aren’t going to fully participate? Makes no sense. Politicians running wars only ever accomplish a worse situation than before the fighting started.

      • Sadly, War (& fear mongering) is a very profitable business for a select bunch. I wonder about this every time a political decision is made regarding military engagement.

        ‘Politicians running wars only ever accomplish a worse situation than before the fighting started.’ – Agreed.

  2. Great fact sheet and an inspirational video, Miss Lou. We are all just travellers on this earth, so let’s support each other on the journey. I don’t know why the UK, Australia and NZ are so fixated on the costs of a refugee intake. Much better to be like Angela Merkel and see the benefits and opportunities that refugees can offer our society. Have you seen this film? Made me weep. 😦

  3. I think it is the worlds responsibility to give assistance when for so long we sat back and allowed the atrocity of the war to go on. I think our governments response is very ordinary.

  4. We do far too little in this country (USA) to help these people. They announced today that we are “going to look into how we might change the process…” so many words that say “this won’t happen anytime soon” certainly not soon enough. Thanks for calling attention to this.

    • I get so frustrated with our current governments policies and actions on this at times I feel like crying. This really hits home because I am often in environments where I get to meet refugees . From coordinating and coaching Junior Football to attending Community Dinners. It’s heartbreaking. (and inspiring)

      When I was acting director of a child care centre for a year, working with refugee families to support them in our community, I would literally get to the end of my day and sob.

      Our privileged way of life. We have no idea.

      Great to see you Dan. Thanks for commenting.

  5. The refugees fleeing the conflict in Syria and other places are a priority. They have lost much and certainly don’t deserve to be placed in one of the camps on the borders for a long time with all the heath risks entailed. They must be rehomed and if the rich Arab states won’t help then it’s up to the West. Particularly as the West has in part been responsible for many of the conflicts in that area.
    More must be done to stop refugees having to part with everything in order to find a place on an illegal boat which may then go down or on which the crew may murder the passengers. The refugees must be chosen from the camps with priority given to families to get children out of that life.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx.

    • *Hugs David* Thanks so much for taking the time to comment.

      Showing love and compassion to those seeking our help is something I feel very strongly about. I feel exceptionally frustrated with our Government Policies on this and even more frustrated that our Own Prime Minister labels Asylum Seekers as Illegal Immigrants when the Governments own Data demonstrates that 89.84% of Asylum Seekers are genuine refugees.

      That means they need help, love, compassion – at the very least – they require safety, accommodation, food and the opportunity to access essential services.

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